Bible Search

How to Search the Bible

  1. In the search Bible textbox, type any of the following:
    • phrase from the verse (e.g., “God is love”)
    • any word(s) that are or might be in the verse (e.g., “repentance salvation”)
    • word segment from the verse (e.g., “baptis”)
  2. Choose a Range from the drop-down box that probably currently says “Entire Bible”
    • Entire Bible searches the entire Bible (i.e., Genesis through Revelation)
    • Old Testament searches the entire Old Testament (i.e., Genesis through Malachi)
    • New Testament searches the entire New Testament (i.e., Matthew through Revelation)
    • All other options search those specific books of the Bible

    NOTE: The larger the range, the longer it will take to search it, so choosing a smaller range is desired when applicable (e.g., if you know it’s in the New Testament, then choose “New Testament” for the range)

  3. Using the remaining drop-down boxes, choose up to seven (7) translations
  4. Click on the Search Bible button

Example Searches

How It Works

Over 15 different translations° were converted into keywords:

  1. American Standard Version (ASV)
  2. Amplified Bible (AMP)
  3. Good News Bible (GNB)
  4. Septuagint (LXX)
  5. Greek New Testament with and without Strong’s Numbers
  6. King James Version (KJV) with and without Strong’s Numbers
  7. Latin Vulgate (VUL)
  8. New English Translation (NET Bible®)
  9. New American Standard Bible (NASB) with and without Strong’s Numbers
  10. New Century Version (NCV)
  11. New International Version (NIV)
  12. New King James Version (NKJV)
  13. New Living Translation (NLT)
  14. New Living Translation, 2nd Edition (NLT2)
  15. Transliterated Unaccented (TUA)
  16. Young’s Literal Translation (YLT)

It then searches your primary translation and these keywords, combining the results, ordering by relevance, displaying the entire verse (as opposed to a couple surrounding words, like most other concordances).

Then it pulls up the resultant verses in each of the subsidiary versions for instant parallel comparison.

Also, all the verses are linked to the Parallel Bible section, so that you can click the verse and see it with the context of its entire chapter in a separate window!

° Due to copyrights, not all of these translations are available for viewing