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“ADMIT you need God; PRAY for His help; TRUST in His promises; ACT with His guidance; THANK Him in all things” —John Piper

APTAT: Admit, Pray, Trust, Act, Thank

In many of his recent sermons, John Piper has been sharing a mnemonic that he has lived by in his Christian walk. This device can be used as a guideli...
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“Jethro reminded Moses that you can easily DROWN in the constant barrage of PROBLEMS and COMPLAINTS, but that God called him to be a GREAT LEADER and to leave a LEGACY.” —Equip God’s People

Fatherly Mentorship

Growing up, Moses didn’t seem to have much of a father figure. The only mention of his real father was that he was a Levite, that he “took as his wife...
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“God, please, give me enough of Yourself, show me enough of the Father and of the Son by the power of your Spirit so that nothing, Nothing, NOTHING would EVER move me to deny You.” —John Piper

Strength In Time of Suffering

“I was sitting in my chair in our living room … I had made myself a cup of hot tea, and settled in to enjoy a time of fellowship with Jesus, which I d
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“God’s creation, ALL of it, is DESIGNED by God as a SIGN and a FORETASTE of what it’s like to ENJOY God Himself. … We are to move INTO and THROUGH the gifts to HIM. And THEY taste the way HE tastes.” —John Piper

What Is It Like to Enjoy God?

“I think many believers know how to enjoy pizza, … football, … friends, … sex. And you put that word ‘enjoy’ or ‘delight’ or ‘be satisfied’ onto God a
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“I realized I USED TO love Jesus more than I do RIGHT NOW. … I didn’t EVER want to make a statement like THAT! But all the PRESSURE, the INSECURITIES, the LIES of trying to match up … and I just forgot to stay CONNECTED to Him.” —Francis Chan

I Am the True Vine

“This is what threw me over the edge: I realized I USED TO love Jesus more than I do RIGHT NOW. What the heck am I DOING then? How did I get THERE? I
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“The Spirit has landed to do BATTLE with the flesh. So take heart if your SOUL feels like a BATTLEFIELD at times. The sign of whether you are indwelt by the SPIRIT is not that you have no bad DESIRES, but that you are AT WAR with them!” —John Piper

The War Within: Flesh vs Spirit

“A Christian is not a person who experiences NO bad desires. A Christian is a person who is at WAR with those desires by the POWER of the Spirit. C
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