The Language of the Old Testament

The Old Testament (a.k.a., “Hebrew Bible” was written primarily in Hebrew, but there are portions that were written in Chaldean and Aramaic.  It was translated into Koine Greek between the 3rd and 1st centuries BC.  This translation is referred to as the Septuagint (LXX) because it is said to have been translated by seventy (70) Jewish scholars.

The Hebrew Alphabet

Click on a letter of the Hebrew alphabet below to see all the Hebrew words that begin with that letter:

Hebrew words that begin with: alef (א), bet (ב), gimel (ג), dalet (ד), he (ה), vav (ו), zayin (ז), het (ח), tet (ט), yod (י), kaf (כ), lamed (ל), mem (מ), nun (נ), samekh (ס), ayin (ע), pe (פ), tsadi (צ), qof (ק), resh (ר), shin (), sin (), tav (ת)

New Testament Greek words