Hebrew Lexicon Entry
Number: 8326 (Find “shorer” in Bible [Old Testament])
Word: שׁרר
Transliterated: shorer
Pronunciation: sho’-rer
Short Definition: navel

Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon

from [8324] in the sense of twisting (compare [8270]); the umbilical cord, i.e. (by extension) a bodice:—navel.

Hebrew words that begin with: alef (א), bet (ב), gimel (ג), dalet (ד), he (ה), vav (ו), zayin (ז), het (ח), tet (ט), yod (י), kaf (כ), lamed (ל), mem (מ), nun (נ), samekh (ס), ayin (ע), pe (פ), tsadi (צ), qof (ק), resh (ר), shin (), sin (), tav (ת)

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