Kempis – The Imitation of Christ by Thomas à Kempis

Thoughts Helpful in the Life of the Soul

Book I

The Interior Life

Book II

Internal Consolation

Book III

Table of Contents

The Inward Conversation of Christ with the Faithful Soul
Chapter I
Truth Speaks Inwardly without the Sound of Words
Chapter II
Listen Humbly to the Words of God; Many Do Not Heed Them
Chapter III
We Must Walk Before God in Humility and Truth
Chapter IV
The Wonderful Effect of Divine Love
Chapter V
The Proving of a True Lover
Chapter VI
Grace Must Be Hidden Under the Mantle of Humility
Chapter VII
Self-Abasement in the Sight of God
Chapter VIII
All Things Should Be Referred to God as Their Last End
Chapter IX
To Despise the World and Serve God Is Sweet
Chapter X
The Longings of Our Hearts Must Be Examined and Moderated
Chapter XI
Acquiring Patience in the Fight Against Concupiscence
Chapter XII
The Obedience of One Humbly Subject to the Example of Jesus Christ
Chapter XIII
Consider the Hidden Judgments of God Lest You Become Proud of Your Own Good Deeds
Chapter XIV
How One Should Feel and Speak on Every Desirable Thing
Chapter XV
True Comfort Is to Be Sought in God Alone
Chapter XVI
All Our Care Is to Be Placed in God
Chapter XVII
Temporal Sufferings Should Be Borne Patiently, After the Example of Christ
Chapter XVIII
True Patience in Suffering
Chapter XIX
Confessing Our Weakness in the Miseries of Life
Chapter XX
Above All Goods and All Gifts We Must Rest in God
Chapter XXI
Remember the Innumerable Gifts of God
Chapter XXII
Four Things Which Bring Great Peace
Chapter XXIII
Avoiding Curious Inquiry About the Lives of Others
Chapter XXIV
The Basis of Firm Peace of Heart and True Progress
Chapter XXV
The Excellence of a Free Mind, Gained Through Prayer Rather Than by Study
Chapter XXVI
Self-Love Is the Greatest Hindrance to the Highest Good
Chapter XXVII
Strength Against Slander
Chapter XXVIII
How We Must Call Upon and Bless the Lord When Trouble Presses
Chapter XXIX
The Quest of Divine Help and Confidence in Regaining Grace
Chapter XXX
To Find the Creator, Forsake All Creatures
Chapter XXXI
Self-Denial and the Renunciation of Evil Appetites
Chapter XXXII
Restlessness of Soul-Directing Our Final Intention Toward God
Chapter XXXIII
God Is Sweet Above All Things and in All Things to Those Who Love Him
Chapter XXXIV
There Is No Security from Temptation in This Life
Chapter XXXV
The Vain Judgments of Men
Chapter XXXVI
Pure and Entire Resignation of Self to Obtain Freedom of Heart
Chapter XXXVII
The Right Ordering of External Affairs; Recourse to God in Dangers
A Man Should Not Be Unduly Solicitous About His Affairs
Chapter XXXIX
Man Has No Good in Himself and Can Glory in Nothing
Chapter XL
Contempt for All Earthly Honor
Chapter XLI
Peace Is Not to Be Placed in Men
Chapter XLII
Beware Vain and Worldly Knowledge
Chapter XLIII
Do Not Be Concerned About Outward Things
Chapter XLIV
All Men Are Not to Be Believed, for It Is Easy to Err in Speech
Chapter XLV
Trust in God Against Slander
Chapter XLVI
Every Trial Must Be Borne for the Sake of Eternal Life
Chapter XLVII
The Day of Eternity and the Distresses of This Life
Chapter XLVIII
The Desire of Eternal Life; the Great Rewards Promised to Those Who Struggle
Chapter XLIX
How a Desolate Person Ought to Commit Himself into the Hands of God
Chapter L
When We Cannot Attain to the Highest, We Must Practice the Humble Works
Chapter LI
A Man Ought Not to Consider Himself Worthy of Consolation, but Rather Deserving of Chastisement
Chapter LII
God’s Grace Is Not Given to the Earthly Minded
Chapter LIII
The Different Motions of Nature and Grace
Chapter LIV
The Corruption of Nature and the Efficacy of Divine Grace
Chapter LV
We Ought to Deny Ourselves and Imitate Christ Through Bearing the Cross
Chapter LVI
A Man Should Not Be Too Downcast When He Falls into Defects
Chapter LVII
High Matters and the Hidden Judgments of God Are Not to Be Scrutinized
Chapter LVIII
All Hope and Trust Are to Be Fixed in God Alone
Chapter LIX

An Invitation to Holy Communion

Book IV