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“Your love isn’t passive at all, it violently tears down my walls, and one-by-one my worries fall. So take all I have, my heart in surrender. Be all that overwhelms me forever. I want to be consumed only by You.” —Jeremy Camp, “Consumed”

Jeremy Camp “Consumed”

There is a war that’s inside [1 Peter 2:11–12] A battle for my heart and mind [Proverbs 4:20–23; Romans 12:1–2] Some days I feel I just can’t fight [Psalm 69:1–3] I’m not strong enough on my own [Isaiah 41:10–13] Thank God I’m not standing alone [2 Chronicles 20:17] You’re with me wherever I go …

If you’ve attuned your spiritual ears to hear God’s voice even when you’re not in the quietness of your prayer closet, you will more successfully reveal God’s heart to others.

In Step with the Spirit

In our busy lives, we often overlook the potential for spiritual growth and connection with God in everyday activities, including exercise. While walking or running, we have the opportunity to not only improve our physical well-being but also to draw closer to God, hear His voice, and receive …

Our Christian endeavors aren’t merely academic, but spiritual. We must remember to continue to rely on God instead of the things of this world. Our instinct should be to seek Him first, then we can use AI to the glory of God!

AI to the Glory of God

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is a hot topic for sure! With the usual “man vs technology” fears aside, there are also concerns from a Christian perspective about appropriate use or even discerning between godly and demonic influence on the results. Titus 1:15 (NLT) Everything is pure to those …

“So if you are suffering according to God’s will, keep on doing what is right, and trust yourself to the God who made you, for He will never fail you.” 1 Peter 4:19 (NLT)

God Wastes Nothing

When upgrading this website, it was quite frustrating to repeatedly start over. I was praying for direction, got guidance from God, developed for a while, and maybe made it a bit further than past attempts. Then I’d undoubtedly hit a hard roadblock and had to start over … again and again. On a bad …

“The way we talk in our time and culture … You’re blessed when you’re comfortable, and secure, and safe. … Has it ever occurred to you that God’s blessing for your life is to send you into the battle against giants? … There’s nothing Jesus will ever call you to that will be less than what you’re facing right now. … Jesus never died so that we could settle, He died so that we could be the greatest revolution humanity has ever known.” —Erwin McManus, Mosaic, “Choose Your Land”

Blessed for Greater Battles

“The way we talk in our time and culture about being BLESSED by God, you’re blessed when you’re RICH. You’re blessed when you’re FAMOUS. You’re blessed when you’re SUCCESSFUL. You’re blessed when everything is going GREAT. You’re blessed when you’re COMFORTABLE, and SECURE, and SAFE. That’s the …

“Something so simple as Moses’s curiosity is what stepped him into his future. I cannot stress enough, the curiosity that is important—and I want to imply is even required—to step into the presence of God. … You see, a future without His presence, you’ll have to sustain it. A future with His presence, He will sustain it.” —Eric Johnson, Bethel Church, “Hello Future: His Promise or His Presence”

Curious About God’s Presence

“Moses is doing his JOB as a shepherd and he NOTICES this bush burning. The Bible says Moses noted … it was ON FIRE, but wasn’t being CONSUMED. … We have to understand that Moses did not turn because God SAID, ‘Moses, Moses.’ That’s EASY. How many know that when God SAYS your name, it’s like, …

“Your fullness is mine revelation divine but, o, to taste to know much more than a page to feel Your embrace” —Shane & Shane, “Be Near”

Shane & Shane “Be Near”

You are all [Psalm 40:17] Big and small [Ephesians 4:6] Beautiful [Psalm 27:4] And wonderful [Psalm 40:5] To trust in grace through faith [Romans 5:1–2] But I’m asking to taste [Psalm 34:8] For dark is light to You [Psalm 139:11–12] Depths are height to You [Psalm 139:7–8] Far is near [Psalm …

“The will of God—God being glorified—is all I want. I am going to harness my own conversation, and I’m going to make sure that I proclaim that which You are saying, God. … It’s almost like the proclamations are seating the cloud of the rain that’s actually going to fall upon my own life.” —Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, “Power of Confession”

Power of Proclamation

“Many of the problems that exist in our lives were given places of influence, and power, and strength because of improper conversation. For many people, their goal in life is to vent when they have something going wrong. And all they do is add to the strength of that particular problem. … I’m only …

“The way you develop this relationship of abiding is you need to keep your roots deep in Him. … But we all want to bear fruit without going through the seasons. … He doesn’t want you to need Him the way you needed Him when you started. He wants you to grow in the depth of your need for Him. And that’s part of what happens in a union with God, is He actually makes you whole.” —Erwin McManus, Mosaic, “Hidden Treasures”

Stop Striving and Start Abiding

“Jesus didn’t come to GIVE you a key, He IS the key. And lot of us, we want a key to God’s hidden treasures, but Jesus didn’t come to GIVE us hidden treasures, He came to BE for us the hidden treasure. … A lot of us really want what God HAS for us, but we don’t want GOD. We want whatever Jesus …

“There are new battles to fight right now and you’re losing them because you keep facing backwards rather than forward. … God wants you to remember your past, but He does not want you to live in the past. … And so if you’re gonna want the new, then be ready to become the new.” —Erwin McManus, Mosaic, “The New”

Become the New

“You’re actually the sum total of the memories you CHOOSE to carry with you. … There are NEW battles to fight right NOW and you’re LOSING them because you keep facing BACKWARDS rather than FORWARD. … You’re STILL fighting those ancient enemies that have long been GONE. … You keep wanting God to do …

“You’ve got to be driven by a God-sized dream. … If you’re not overwhelmed by what He has assigned for you to do, you’ve not heard what He has to say. Because His assignment is so overwhelming, that it compels us to trust.” —Bill Johnson, Bethel Church, “Promises Fulfilled”

A God-Sized Dream

“PROMISES are the invitation of God into a RELATIONAL journey where TOGETHER we labor to see things happen in the earth that reveal His NATURE. … His DESIRE is to work through sons and daughters. Why? Because … it takes a CHILD to reveal the nature of a FATHER. … He’s revealed for WHO HE IS …

“It’s this affection. It’s this passion. … That word is translated ‘kiss’ in some places. [So] “If you kiss your kid more than you kiss Me, you’re not worthy of Me. … You don’t get who I Am.” —Francis Chan, “Rethinking Church”

Kissing Christ

Matthew 10:37 (NASB) “He who loves father or mother more than Me is not worthy of Me; and he who loves son or daughter more than Me is not worthy of Me.” “That word for ‘love’ there is not ‘agape,’ the word there is ‘phileo.’ It’s this AFFECTION. It’s this PASSION. … That word is translated ‘KISS’ …