Become the New EGP Blog post from February 3, 2019

“There are new battles to fight right now and you’re losing them because you keep facing backwards rather than forward. … God wants you to remember your past, but He does not want you to live in the past. … And so if you’re gonna want the new, then be ready to become the new.” —Erwin McManus, Mosaic, “The New”

“You’re actually the sum total of the memories you CHOOSE to carry with you. … There are NEW battles to fight right NOW and you’re LOSING them because you keep facing BACKWARDS rather than FORWARD. … You’re STILL fighting those ancient enemies that have long been GONE. … You keep wanting God to do something NEW in your life, while not CHANGING anything in your life. … When you bring BITTERNESS, all you SEE is bitterness. When you bring DESPAIR, all you SEE is despair. When you bring ANGER, all you SEE is anger. When you bring BETRAYAL, all you SEE is betrayal. And God’s trying to give you NEW EYES so you can see the NEW FUTURE He has for you. … God wants you to REMEMBER your past, but He does not want you to LIVE in your past. …

[Also,] if you are LIVING and LONGING for the ‘good old days,’ then you have no good days AHEAD. … The reason you keep living in THAT moment is because you do not believe [God] will step into THIS moment of your life. … You need to … say to God, ‘I’m going to LEAVE the past IN the past. I’m NOT going to step into TOMORROW and carry YESTERDAY with me.’ …

Isn’t that strange, how we think God is so PREDICTABLE? … Because we don’t believe that God’s CREATIVE enough to do it a NEW way. And God says, ‘I parted the water because that’s what you needed [THEN] and I’m gonna bring streams out of the wasteland because that’s what you need NOW. So, you need to PAY ATTENTION, because I’m not PREDICTABLE, I Am GOD.’ …

God is going to UNIQUELY craft your future for YOU. … But there’s one condition, … you can only step into [it] when you’re willing to let God make you a NEW YOU. … And some of you are trying to put NEW wine into an OLD wineskin, but … if you’re gonna WANT the new, then be ready to BECOME the new.”

—Erwin McManus, Mosaic, The New

Key verses

Isaiah 43:16–19; Philippians 3:12–14; Ecclesiastes 7:8–14; Philippians 2:12–16; 2 Corinthians 5:17–19; Luke 5:36–39; Romans 12:1–2

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