Jeremy Camp “Consumed” EGP Blog post from September 24, 2023

“Your love isn’t passive at all, it violently tears down my walls, and one-by-one my worries fall. So take all I have, my heart in surrender. Be all that overwhelms me forever. I want to be consumed only by You.” —Jeremy Camp, “Consumed”

There is a war that’s inside []
A battle for my heart and mind [; ]
Some days I feel I just can’t fight []
I’m not strong enough on my own []
Thank God I’m not standing alone []
You’re with me wherever I go []

So I fall to my knees []
Empty all of me []

I don’t, I don’t want to be consumed by
Anything else in this world but You Lord []
Only You Lord []
So take all I have []
My heart in surrender []
Be all that overwhelms me forever, oh forever []
I want to be consumed only by You, only by You []
Consumed only by You []

Your scars have shown me that You can []
Invade everything that I am []
‘Til there’s nothing left in my hands []
Your love isn’t passive at all []
It violently tears down my walls [; ]
And one-by-one my worries fall []

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