Jericho March “Where’s Your Faith?” EGP Blog post from December 8, 2012

Jericho March is taking it to the stage with this completely original Christian rock song entitled “Where’s Your Faith?” They unashamedly bring the Gospel to the world and challenge believers to check what they’re truly placing their faith in.

You say, “We need survival!” Always asking for revival
I say, “Check your vitals!” Why do you keep on dying?
Materialistic idols… Hearts and lives are prone to idle
When relationships are most vital, I’ve only one thing to say…

Where’s your faith?!? Is it in God, things, or people?
Where’s your faith?!? Are you putting it in your steeple?
Where’s your faith?!? Where’s your faith?!?!?!?!

You’re focusing on the dont’s and do’s
But there’s a line between counseling and abuse
Thinking good works are salvation dues
Your love’s grown cold because of fast food, garage doors, and drive-thru’s
You’re missing out on heavenly hues
Let Jesus’ love flow through you, so you can answer Him when He says…

So open up your mind, open up your heart
Let the Spirit flow…flow right through you!!!
So lose this life you’ve made, you must die to truly live
Live the life that God has made just for you

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