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“If we’re broken, we’re the ones who need God. God does not need us. We’re the ones who are lost. We’re the ones that need someone to show us the way. You were not created to step into religion. You were created for love, for relationship, for life.” —Erwin McManus, Mosaic

“Really, NO ONE is searching for God. … They know their life is MISSING something. They know they’re just EXISTING. They know that something’s WRONG, that something’s BROKEN. There’s a HOLE, a HOLLOWNESS inside of their soul. And they’re trying to find the LIFE that is eluding them. And MAYBE along the way they concluded that life is found in GOD. …

There’s this idea that God is SITTING on top of the highest mountain and WAITING to see who is WORTHY of being in His presence. And so you spend your life CLIMBING and CLIMBING … TOILING and WORKING … TRYING to get to the top of that mountain so that you MIGHT ‘get to God,’ you MIGHT ‘find life.’ … EVERY religion gives us a construct to enlightenment, to nirvana, to Heaven, to God, to salvation, to WHATEVER ‘it’ is. … Jesus didn’t come to TELL us what WE need to do to get to God, Jesus came to SHOW us what GOD would do to get to US! …

But then you get back to those uncomfortable words from Jesus, ‘I Am the WAY, and the TRUTH, and the LIFE, and NO ONE comes to the Father except by ME.’ … Why would Jesus cut out all the OTHER options? See, Jesus isn’t saying, ‘Look, I’m so EXCLUSIVE that I don’t want you trying ANYBODY ELSE.’ What He’s actually saying is, ‘I need you to understand, NO ONE ELSE is coming for you. … And why would you spend your ENTIRE LIFE trying to EARN the approval and love of a god who’s INDIFFERENT to you? Because, they DON’T EXIST and they’re NOT COMING for you.’ … THAT’S the power and wonder of who Jesus is. …

If God is love—that EVERYTHING God does is a MANIFESTATION of love, that EVERYTHING God does has the INTENTION of love—then it makes perfect sense that if WE’RE broken, WE’RE the ones who need God, God does not need US. If God needed us, then we should go FIND GOD. WE need God. … WE’RE the ones who are LOST. WE’RE the ones that need someone to SHOW US The Way. … You were not created to step into RELIGION, you were created for LOVE, for RELATIONSHIP, for LIFE.”

—Erwin McManus, Mosaic, Why Jesus?

Key verses

Romans 3:9–12; John 14:6–10; 1 John 4:7–10; Luke 15:4–10; John 10:7–18

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