Faith Is Love, Not Insufficient Evidence EGP Blog post from April 15, 2018

“‘I love You! I thank You! You are magnificent! I don’t waste anything on you! I can’t get enough of You!’ That’s what faith is. If you don’t believe right now, it’s not because you don’t have sufficient evidence, it’s because you love something else more. Period.” —John Piper

“A few days after Lazarus was raised [from the dead by Jesus], Jesus and the disciples went back to Bethany and had dinner with him. … And in that dinner, Mary takes a little canister of VERY expensive ointment, and she opens it and she pours it on Jesus’s feet. ALL OF IT. And she takes her hair, and she wipes His feet. THIS is what FAITH looks like. THIS is what BELIEVING looks like. It’s ‘I LOVE You! I THANK You! You are MAGNIFICENT! I don’t waste ANYTHING on You! I can’t get enough of YOU!’ THAT’S what faith is.

And Judas was there and he had seen it ALL. He SAW the resurrection of the widow’s son. He SAW the resurrection of the 12-year-old girl. He SAW the resurrection of Lazarus. He SAW the casting out of demons. He SAW the raising of the wind and waves and, ‘SILENCE’, and FLAT they go. He SAW the multiplying of the loaves and the fishes. And you know what he said to Mary? ‘Why did you waste this? We could have sold this and had 0.’ … And Jesus said, ‘Leave. Her. Alone.’ …

You would not believe if you are in rebellion against God, because saving faith is NOT being WOWED at miracles. The devil BELIEVES in the resurrection of the dead. He KNOWS he’s going to be thrown into the lake of fire. He BELIEVES Jesus did every miracle that he did. And he HATES Him. …

If you don’t believe right now, it’s NOT because you don’t have SUFFICIENT EVIDENCE that Jesus is TRUE, Jesus is GLORIOUS, Jesus is BEAUTIFUL, Jesus is infinitely VALUABLE. … It’s because you love SOMETHING ELSE more. Period. THAT’S why you don’t believe.”

—John Piper, Jesus Raised Jesus from the Dead – And Why It Matters

Key verses

John 12:1–8; Luke 16:27–31; Mark 10:24–27

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