Spiritual Second Wind EGP Blog post from May 27, 2018

“I wonder how many times you’ve hit the wall, you’ve lost your faith, you just felt exhausted and tired from life. Maybe that’s why we keep missing our second wind, because we think [it] is about us. The second wind is really about God revealing Himself in us and through us.” —Erwin McManus, Mosaic

“I do think we should notice something though. It says, ‘when he saw the WIND.’ [] … We would probably all agree that it’s not really POSSIBLE to ‘see the wind.’ … You see the EFFECT of wind, but you don’t see the WIND, right? … Most of the time we LOSE OUR FAITH because we LOSE SIGHT of God, … but you can see the STUFF around you. … I think the reality is that the moment you begin to move toward God, the VISIBLE and the INVISIBLE become ONE UNIVERSE to you. … You can see how GOD is moving, because it’s not just that the WIND is moving, it’s that JESUS is moving the wind. …

If there’s this PHYSIOLOGICAL phenomenon called ‘the second wind’, I wonder if there’s also this psychological or even SPIRITUAL phenomenon. … I wonder how many times in your life you’ve HIT THE WALL, you’ve LOST YOUR FAITH, you’ve lost your RESOLVE, you’ve lost your STRENGTH, you just felt EXHAUSTED and TIRED from life. And instead of just saying ‘Lord, SAVE me,’ you just start trying to swim in your OWN STRENGTH. … The reality is that you can get SO tired that you THINK you’ve hit the wall, but God is just WAITING to elevate you so that you actually perform at a HIGHER LEVEL with LESS EXERTION. There’s a place WAITING for you just past the drowning. … Maybe THAT’s why we keep missing our second wind, because we think the second wind is about US. The second wind is really about GOD revealing Himself IN us and THROUGH us.”

—Erwin McManus, Mosaic, Second Wind

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