How to Pray EGP Blog post from March 23, 2014

Prayer doesn’t have to be structured or even always in words, but it should be genuine. It doesn’t have to be out loud or only internal, but it should be often. It doesn’t have to be with your head down, eyes closed, and on your knees with hands together or with arms wide, head up, and eyes open; but it should be boldly yet humbly approaching the throne of Grace!

It can be you talking, pleading, hashing things out, or even being still and just listening. You can pray Scripture, pray The Lord’s Prayer, use “thee” and “thou”, or just “be yourself.” You can stop everything and get to a quiet place or pray as you go. You can pray alone, with others, and over others. You can raise a hand, lay on hands, fast, or anoint with oil. You can say “amen” or just never end it.

God loves variety! God loves to pursue hearts and have hearts pursue Him! God loves when those of great faith and those of little faith come to Him! God loves when the broken come to Him for strength and the strong come to be broken! God loves when people thirst for Him like water and when people ask Him to make them want to want Him! God loves when people ask Him for things and when they ask that “His will be done!” God IS Love and He loves you!

Don’t get caught up in preferences and technicalities, but seek God with all your heart, mind, soul, and strength…with ALL of your EVERYTHING! Let NOTHING inhibit your pursuit of Him!

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