The Attitude and Action of Faith EGP Blog post from December 23, 2018

“It is not enough just to have faith you have to have faith and patience, there’s a time lag. You do the will of God, you meet the conditions, and then you hold on. You don’t give up. And in due course—in God’s sovereignty—the promise is completely fulfilled.” —Derek Prince, “God’s Abundance, part 6”

“You have to adopt a posture of BELIEVING and then, where appropriate, you have to ACT in accordance to what you believe. Because Scripture says, ‘FAITH without WORKS’—without appropriate ACTS—‘is DEAD.’ …

It is not enough JUST to have faith; you have to have FAITH and PATIENCE. When you’ve located the PROMISE, when you’ve met the CONDITIONS, you have to HOLD ON in an attitude of faith or trust UNTIL the promise is fulfilled. … That’s a TEST of whether you REALLY have faith. …

There’s a TIME LAG. You DO the will of God, you MEET the conditions, and then you HOLD ON. You DON’T GIVE UP. And in DUE COURSE—in God’s SOVEREIGNTY—the promise is COMPLETELY FULFILLED. It’s very important to maintain that ATTITUDE of faith and to ACT accordingly.”

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