Major Prophets read and compare multiple versions of the Bible


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The Major Prophets books of the Bible are called “major” due to length, not their importance, and are mostly named after their authors. Isaiah, a prophet in Judah, wrote during the 8th century BC, addressing the southern kingdom of Judah. Jeremiah, also a prophet in Judah, wrote in the 7th and 6th centuries BC, targeting the people of Judah before and during the Babylonian exile. Lamentations, traditionally attributed to Jeremiah, reflects on the fall of Jerusalem in 586 BC. Ezekiel, a prophet among the exiles in Babylon, wrote in the early 6th century BC. Daniel, living in exile in Babylon, wrote in the 6th century BC, addressing both the exiles and the broader kingdoms in which he lived.

These works contribute to the Bible’s overarching narrative by highlighting God’s justice and mercy, laying the groundwork for the New Testament by foreshadowing the redemptive work of the coming Messiah and the establishment of God’s eternal kingdom.


living in relationship with God and to His glory

The Major Prophets call believers to a profound relationship with God, grounded in faith and trust in His promises. They encourage believers to look to God for salvation, calling for repentance and faithfulness amidst trials. They encourage readers to turn their hearts towards hope in God’s faithfulness and compassion, showing that living for God’s glory often involves standing firm in the face of opposition.

Isaiah presents themes of salvation, the coming Messiah, and the new heavens and earth. Jeremiah emphasizes the new covenant God will make with His people. Lamentations mourns the destruction of Jerusalem, highlighting the consequences of disobedience. Ezekiel vividly portrays the Holy Spirit’s role in renewing and giving life, illustrated in the vision of the dry bones coming to life. Daniel visions affirm God’s supreme authority over human history and foretell the establishment of God’s eternal kingdom through the Messiah.

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books included in Major Prophets

  1. Isaiah
  2. Jeremiah
  3. Lamentations
  4. Ezekiel
  5. Daniel