Delta (Δ/δ) New Testament Greek words that start with delta

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Pronunciation guide

In Koine Greek, the letter Delta was a voiced dental plosive, similar to the English “d” in “dog” but produced by placing the tongue against the upper teeth.

Numerical significance

Delta corresponds to the number four (4) in the Greek numerical system (isopsephy). In Greek thought, four is sometimes linked to material completeness and order, possibly due to its association with the four cardinal directions or the four elements (earth, water, air, fire).

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The shape of Delta originates from the Phoenician letter “Dalet,” which often represented a door (due to it’s triangular shape resembling the opening of a tent) or a pathway. This symbolism points to concepts of entry, passage, or a pathway, which in a broader cultural or philosophical context can signify transition, change, or the opportunity to move from one state or place to another.