Nu (Ν/ν) New Testament Greek words that start with nu

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Pronunciation guide

In Koine Greek, the letter Nu was a dental nasal, produced by pressing the tongue against the upper teeth, creating a resonant sound in the nasal cavity. It was pronounced similar to the “n” in “night.”

Numerical significance

In the Greek numeral system (isopsephy), Nu represents the number fifty (50). The number fifty is often considered a substantial, round number, indicating a significant quantity or the completion of a set. In Hebrew culture is is also representative of the year of Jubilee.

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The Greek letter Nu originates from the Phoenician letter Nun, which is believed to have originally depicted a snake or a fish. This pictographic root suggests themes of life, fluidity, or perhaps the concept of an underlying, hidden force, as both snakes and fish often symbolize in various cultures.