Alpha (Α/α) New Testament Greek words that start with alpha

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Speech Sound:
vowel (short)
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Pronunciation guide

In Koine Greek, the letter Alpha is pronounced similarly to the “a” in “father.” When accompanied by a rough breathing mark, it is pronounced with an initial “h” sound, akin to “ha.” In Greek words, alpha can also be combined with other vowels to form diphthongs which are then pronounced as a blend, such as with the “ai” in “aisle.”

Numerical significance

In the Greek numeral system (isopsephy), Alpha holds the numerical value of one (1). In Greek culture, it is akin to the number one’s representation of singularity, primacy, and the beginning in various contexts. This is echoed in to describe Jesus with the phrase “I am Alpha and Omega,” representing the beginning and the end and/or author and perfecter (see ).

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The shape of the Greek letter Alpha evolved from its Phoenician predecessor “Aleph,” which was depicted as the head of an ox, symbolizing strength, power, and leadership.