Beta (Β/β) New Testament Greek words that start with beta

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Pronunciation guide

In Koine Greek, the letter Beta is pronounced as a voiced bilabial plosive, just like the like the English “b” in “book.” In modern Greek, it has evolved to a sound more like the “v” in “vase.” However, for biblical texts, it’s crucial to stick with the ancient pronunciation, where it always sounds like a “b.”

Numerical significance

In the Greek numeral system (isopsephy), Beta represents the number two (2). This number can symbolize duality and balance. In ancient Greek thought, two can denote contrast and diversity, such as light and dark or good and evil.

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The shape of Beta in Greek comes from the Phoenician letter “beth” (meaning house), which was originally a pictogram resembling a tent or a house. This gives Beta a foundational aspect, symbolizing shelter, dwelling, and family in a cultural sense. Beta’s symbolism as a house aligns with its position as the second letter, suggesting the concept of adding or building upon an initial foundation (Alpha being the first).