Omega (Ω/ω) New Testament Greek words that start with omega

Quick reference

Greek Name:
ὦ μέγα
English Name:
ō’ mĕ’-gä
Upper-case Letter:
Lower-case Letter:
Speech Sound:
vowel (long)
Numerical Value:

Pronunciation guide

In Koine Greek, the letter” is pronounced as a long “o” sound in “go.” This vowel sound is more open and prolonged compared to the short “o” sound of Omicron.

Numerical significance

In the Greek numeral system (isopsephy), Omega holds the number eight hundred (800). Although it doesn’t have direct symbolism, it can bee seen as the number eight (symbolizing new beginnings or renewal) multiplied by 100 (a large number).

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The term “Omega” itself means “great O” (in contrast to Omicron, which means "small O"), highlighting its role as the long or great “o” sound in Greek. Its position as the last letter in the Greek alphabet gives it a symbolic significance of finality or completion.

This is echoed in Revelation 1:8 to describe Jesus with the phrase “I am Alpha and Omega,” representing the beginning and the end and/or author and perfecter (see Hebrews 12:2). It can also emphasizing the eternal nature of God and His encompassing dominion from the beginning to the end of time.

New Testament Greek words that start with Omega (Ω/ω)

G5598 – O, omega – Ω, ὤμεγα
omega (last letter of the Greek alphabet); fig. to be last [4 occurrences]
G5599 – o –
O! [17 occurrences]
G5600 – o, es, e – ὦ, ἦς, ἦ
may/might be [66 occurrences]
G5601 – Obed, Iobed, Iobel – Ὠβήδ, Ἰωβήδ, Ἰωβήλ
Obed [3 occurrences]
G5602 – hode – ὧδε
here, hither, (in) this place, there [60 occurrences]
G5603 – ode – ᾠδή
song [7 occurrences]
G5604 – odin – ὠδίν
pain, sorrow, travail [4 occurrences]
G5605 – odino – ὠδίνω
travail in (birth) [3 occurrences]
G5606 – omos – ὦμος
shoulder [2 occurrences]
G5607 – on, ousa, on – ὤν, οὖσα, ὄν
being [159 occurrences]
G5608 – oneomai – ὠνέομαι
buy [1 occurrence]
G5609 – oon – ᾠόν
egg [1 occurrence]
G5610 – hora – ὥρα
an hour [108 occurrences]
G5611 – horaios – ὡραῖος
beautiful [4 occurrences]
G5612 – oruomai – ὠρύομαι
roar [1 occurrence]
G5613 – hos – ὡς
as, like [493 occurrences]
G5614 – hosanna – ὡσαννά
hosanna [6 occurrences]
G5615 – hosautos – ὡσαύτως
even so, likewise, after the same (in like) manner [17 occurrences]
G5616 – hosei – ὡσεί
about, as (it had been, it were), like (as) [34 occurrences]
G5617 – Hosee, Hosee – Ὡσηέ, Ὡσῆε
Osee [1 occurrence]
G5618 – hosper – ὥσπερ
(even, like) as [42 occurrences]
G5619 – hosperei – ὡσπερεί
as [1 occurrence]
G5620 – hoste – ὥστε
(insomuch) as, so that (then), (insomuch) that, therefore, to, wherefore [83 occurrences]
G5621 – otion – ὠτίον
ear [5 occurrences]
G5622 – opheleia – ὠφέλεια
advantage, profit [2 occurrences]
G5623 – opheleo – ὠφελέω
advantage, better, prevail, profit [15 occurrences]
G5624 – ophelimos – ὠφέλιμος
profit(-able) [4 occurrences]