G2064 – erchomai, eleuthomai, eltho – ἔρχομαι, ἐλεύθομαι, ἔλθω to come/go

Strong’s ID:
Greek Word:
ἔρχομαι, ἐλεύθομαι, ἔλθω
erchomai, eleuthomai, eltho
er’-khom-ahee, el-yoo’-thom-ahee, el’-tho
Part of Speech:
middle voice of a primary verb
Usage Count:
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Equip God’s People Greek Lexicon

to come/go

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Strong’s Greek Lexicon

middle voice of a primary verb (used only in the present and imperfect tenses, the others being supplied by a kindred [middle voice] ελευθομαι eleuthomai el-yoo’-thom-ahee; or [active] ελθω eltho el’-tho; which do not otherwise occur); to come or go (in a great variety of applications, literally and figuratively):—accompany, appear, bring, come, enter, fall out, go, grow, X light, X next, pass, resort, be set.

Owing to changes in the enumeration while in progress, there were no words left for numbers 2717 and 3203–3302, which were therefore silently dropped out of the vocabulary and references as redundant.

Thayer’s Greek Definitions

1) to come
1a) of persons
1a1) to come from one place to another, and used both of persons arriving
1a2) to appear, make one’s appearance, come before the public
2) metaphorically
2a) to come into being, arise, come forth, show itself, find place or influence
2b) be established, become known, to come (fall) into or unto
3) to go, to follow one

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