G2501 – Ioseph – Ἰωσήφ Joseph

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Greek Word:
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noun proper masculine
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Strong’s Greek Lexicon

of Hebrew origin H3130; Joseph, the name of seven Israelites:—Joseph.

Owing to changes in the enumeration while in progress, there were no words left for numbers 2717 and 3203–3302, which were therefore silently dropped out of the vocabulary and references as redundant.

Thayer’s Greek Definitions

Joseph = “let him add”
1) the patriarch, the eleventh son of Jacob
2) the son of Jonan or Jonam, one of the ancestors of Christ, Lk 3:30
3) the son of Judah [or Judas; better Joda] another ancestor of Jesus, Lk 3:26
4) the son of Mattathias, another ancestor of Christ, Lk 3:24
5) the husband of Mary, the mother of Jesus
6) a half-brother of Jesus Mat. 13:55
7) Joseph of Arimathaea, a member of the Sanhedrin, who favoured Jesus. Mt. 27:57,59; Mk 15:43,45
8) Joseph surnamed Barnabas Acts 4:36
9) Joseph call Barsabas and surnamed Justus, Acts 1:23

Thayer’s Definitions are as edited by the Online Bible of Winterbourne, Ontario. They removed the etymology, cross-references, and Greek phrases and changed some of Thayer’s Unitarian doctrinal positions concerning the work and person of Christ.