G3700 – optanomai – ὀπτάνομαι to gaze upon; trad. behold

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prolonged form of the primary word: οπτομαι optomai
less intense than
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Equip God’s People Greek Lexicon

1) to gaze upon
2) traditionally: behold

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Strong’s Greek Lexicon

a (middle voice) prolonged form of the primary (middle voice) οπτομαι optomai op’-tom-ahee; which is used for it in certain tenses; and both as alternate of ; to gaze (i.e. with wide-open eyes, as at something remarkable; and thus differing from , which denotes simply voluntary observation; and from , which expresses merely mechanical, passive or casual vision; while , and still more emphatically its intensive , signifies an earnest but more continued inspection; and a watching from a distance):—appear, look, see, shew self.

Owing to changes in the enumeration while in progress, there were no words left for numbers 2717 and 3203–3302, which were therefore silently dropped out of the vocabulary and references as redundant.

Thayer’s Greek Definitions

1) to look at, behold
2) to allow one’s self to be seen, to appear

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