G4983 – soma – σῶμα a body

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noun neuter
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a body

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Contrasting this with and , we are considered to be body, soul (“psuche”), and spirit (“pneuma”). While the body cannot live without the spirit (cf. ), Jesus also said not to fear those that can only kill the body and not the soul, but God who is able to destroy soul and body in Hell (cf. ), which comes after their bodily resurrection (cf. ).

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Strong’s Greek Lexicon

from ; the body (as a sound whole), used in a very wide application, literally or figuratively:—bodily, body, slave.

Owing to changes in the enumeration while in progress, there were no words left for numbers 2717 and 3203–3302, which were therefore silently dropped out of the vocabulary and references as redundant.

Thayer’s Greek Definitions

1) the body both of men or animals
1a) a dead body or corpse
1b) the living body
1b1) of animals
2) the bodies of planets and of stars (heavenly bodies)
3) is used of a (large or small) number of men closely united into one society, or family as it were; a social, ethical, mystical body
3a) so in the NT of the church
4) that which casts a shadow as distinguished from the shadow itself

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