H1285 – beriyth – בְּרִית a covenant

Strong’s ID:
Hebrew Word:
bərîyth / beriyth
Part of Speech:
feminine noun
from (in the sense of cutting [like ])
, a covenant
Usage Count:
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a covenant

Word Picture:

The Hebrew word “beriyth” describes various types of agreements or alliances, often with solemn and binding implications. These covenants are not just contracts but are relational, involving commitments and promises that define the relationship. “Beriyth” comes from the word meaning “to cut.” This is a reference to the practice of how clean animals were cut in two parts and those making the covenant walked between them. This was a symbolism of the sacrifices that covenants entail and showed the dedication and commitment of both parties.

It’s important to note that in Jewish thought, the covenants are not viewed as being replaced or annulled but as evolving and expanding in their expressions and implications. For instance, the Abrahamic Covenant is foundational and eternal, establishing a unique relationship between God and the descendants of Abraham. The Mosaic Covenant, while conditional and accompanied by the Torah’s laws, builds upon this, detailing how Israel is to live as a holy nation. But even it ultimately points to the need for God’s grace and the promise of a New Covenant, where true righteousness is achieved not by the law but through faith in Christ.

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Strong’s Hebrew Lexicon

from (in the sense of cutting [like ]); a compact (because made by passing between pieces of flesh):—confederacy, [con-]feder[-ate], covenant, league.