Tet (ט) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with tet

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Pronunciation guide

The Hebrew letter Tet is vocalized with a “t” sound similar to the “t” in “tent.” This sound is consistent regardless of where the letter appears in a word and doesn’t change its sound based on the presence of dots (dagesh) or other markers (niqqud).

Numerical significance

Tet has the numerical value of nine (9) in the Hebrew numbering system, Gematria. The number nine can symbolize truth in Jewish tradition, as it is the last single digit and hence seen as a symbol of truth and eternity.

Cultural and symbolic meaning

While some Hebrew letters have a clear pictographic origin, Tet’s ancient pictographic form is less agreed upon by scholars. It may represent a basket or womb, symbolizing the containment of something. It is often seen as “containing goodness,” as it is also the first letter in the Hebrew word for “good“ ().