Mem (מ‎/‎ם) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with mem

Quick reference

Hebrew Name:
מֵם ‎/‎ מֵם סוֹפִית
English Name:
mem ‎/‎ mem sofit
מ ‎/‎ ם
Speech Sound:
Numerical Value:
40 ‎/‎ 600 °

° the second value is associated with the final form of the letter, which is when it is the last letter of the word

Pronunciation guide

When pronounced, it sounds like the “m” in “moon.” Mem is consistent in its sound, regardless of whether or not it carries a vowel marker (niqqud) such as a patach (מַ) giving the sound “mah,” or cholam (מֹ) giving the sound “moh.”

Numerical significance

The numerical value of Mem is forty (40). The number forty is historically significant in Hebrew culture, often associated with periods of testing, trial, or probation, like the forty days of rain for Noah () and the Israelites’ forty years in the desert ().

Cultural and symbolic meaning

Mem is traditionally believed to represent water, as its shape is reminiscent of a wave. It also has a consistent presence in words related to water (). Water is essential for life and is often used symbolically in scripture to represent cleansing and life itself.