Vav (ו) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with vav

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Pronunciation guide

The letter Vav often sounds like the “v” in “violin.” In modern Hebrew, it can also function as a vowel, taking on the “o” sound in “or” or the “u” sound in “rule,” depending on the niqqud (vowel markers) it carries. For example, Vav with a holam (וֹ) is pronounced like the “o” in “or,” while Vav a shuruk (וּ) is pronounced like the “u” in “rule.”

Numerical significance

In Gematria, the traditional Hebrew numbering system, Vav has the numerical value of six (6). The number six is often associated with the days of creation since God created the world in six days, leading up to the seventh day of rest (Genesis 1). It represents the completion of creation and the natural order.

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The Hebrew letter Vav, which resembles a hook or a peg, is often understood as a connecting force. just as a hook joins two objects, the Vav connects sentences or thoughts, often being the equivalent of “and” in English. It represents unity and the binding together of distinct elements, symbolizing the connection between heaven and earth, as well as human connection.

In Torah scrolls, the letter Vav is part of keter—ornamental crown-like lines added to letters—highlighting important passages and indicating a higher level of holiness. Moreover, the straight, vertical line of the Vav has been likened to a man standing in prayer, signifying the human reaching towards the divine.