Samekh (ס) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with samekh

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Pronunciation guide

The Hebrew letter Samekh resembles the sound of the English letter “s” as in “sun.” It does not change its sound and is always voiceless. Samekh doesn’t host vowel sounds like some other Hebrew letters.

Numerical significance

Samekh represents the number 60 in the Hebrew numerical system. The number sixty can be seen in various Jewish customs and legal discussions, especially in the concept of “Bittul b’Shishim,” which refers to the nullification of a forbidden substance if it is less than 1/60th of the mixture.

Cultural and symbolic meaning

Historically, the Samekh is believed to have been derived from a pictograph representing a shield, implying protection or support. This symbolic meaning carries over into texts, such as in , where the word for “upholds” () contains the Samekh. It is a portrayal of strength and support, resonating with the idea of divine sustenance and shelter.