Bet (ב) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with bet

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Pronunciation guide

Bet (or Beth) is pronounced as “b” in “book” when it has a dot (dagesh) in its center. Without the dagesh, it is known as “vet” and is pronounced as “v” in “vase.” The presence or absence of the dagesh can change the meaning of words, making correct pronunciation crucial for understanding.

Numerical significance

In Gematria, the traditional Hebrew numbering system, Bet corresponds to the number two (2). This number in Hebrew culture often symbolizes both union (e.g., husband and wife) and division (e.g., good vs evil).

Cultural and symbolic meaning

Historically, Bet is represented pictographically as a house or tent, conveying the idea of a dwelling or an abode. This symbolism is seen culturally as foundational, representing the concept of family and community. One specific example of scribes giving special treatment to Bet is in , where the very first letter of the first word “בראשית” (bereishit, ) is written larger than the rest. This enlarged Bet is understood as drawing attention to the concept of the world being the dwelling place of all creation.