Khet (ח) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with khet

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Hebrew Name:
English Name:
khet (guttural)
Speech Sound:
Numerical Value:

Pronunciation guide

Khet (or Chet) is a gutteral sound articulated at the back of the throat, similar to the Scottish “loch” or the German “Bach.” This sound can be challenging for some to make, since it’s not a sound commonly used in English.

Numerical significance

In Gematria, the traditional Hebrew numbering system, Khet represents the number eight (8). Eight often symbolizes new beginnings, reflecting the day after creation’s completion in Genesis and the day of circumcision for Hebrew males as a covenant sign.

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The shape of Khet has been likened to a doorway or gate, suggesting a passage or entrance. Culturally, it can symbolize an opportunity or an opening to new experiences and wisdom. In the Old Testament, variations in the letter’s form can be significant; for example, an enlarged Khet can denote an emphasis on the word it begins.