Nun (נ‎/‎ן) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with nun

Quick reference

Hebrew Name:
נוּן ‎/‎ נוּן סוֹפִית
English Name:
nun ‎/‎ nun sofit
נ ‎/‎ ן
Speech Sound:
Numerical Value:
50 ‎/‎ 700 °

° the second value is associated with the final form of the letter, which is when it is the last letter of the word

Pronunciation guide

The Hebrew letter Nun is pronounced similarly to the “n” in the English word “noon.” This sound is consistent regardless of where the letter appears in a word and doesn’t change its sound based on the presence of dots (dagesh) or other markers (niqqud).

Numerical significance

In Gematria, the traditional Hebrew numbering system, the letter Nun is represents the number fifty (50). In traditional Hebrew, this number can symbolize freedom and fullness of life, possibly linked to the concept of the Jubilee year (every 50th year), a time of liberation and restoration prescribed in .

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The letter Nun is thought to derive from an ancient pictogram of a snake or a fish, representing activity or life. Nun is associated with numerous Hebrew words that convey the concepts of faithfulness, continuity, and perpetuity. For instance, the word for “soul” (), starts with Nun, and it is essential to many discussions of human life and spirituality in the Old Testament.