Tsadi (צ‎/‎ץ) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with tsadi

Quick reference

Hebrew Name:
צַדִי ‎/‎ צַדִי סוֹפִית
English Name:
tsadi ‎/‎ tsadi sofit
צ ‎/‎ ץ
Speech Sound:
Numerical Value:
90 ‎/‎ 900 °

° the second value is associated with the final form of the letter, which is when it is the last letter of the word

Pronunciation guide

Tsadi (or Tzade, Tsadik) produces a sound that’s often compared to the “ts” sound in the English words “lets” or “cats.” It’s a sharp, crisp sound that comes from the middle of the mouth, requiring the tongue to touch the upper teeth lightly.

Numerical significance

The numerical value of Tsadi is 90. The number ninety in Hebrew tradition could be seen as representing a certain maturity or the concept of faithfulness, possibly because it is the age at which Sarah gave birth to Isaac (see ).

Cultural and symbolic meaning

Tsadi is thought to have originated from a pictograph resembling a fish hook, which held meanings of “catch” or “desire.” In the context of Hebrew culture, this could symbolize the idea of hunting or gathering, and by extension, righteousness or the act of “fishing” for justice.