Shin () Old Testament Hebrew words that start with shin

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Pronunciation guide

Shin carries a dot over its right branch and is pronounced as “sh” like in “shoe.” When the dot is over the left branch, it becomes the letter Sin and is pronounced as “s” like in “sun.” This “Shin Dot” can significantly alter the meaning of a word based on its pronunciation. For instance, take the similar words “שָׁבוּעַ” (shabuwa, ) means “a week,” whereas “שָׂבַע” (saba, ) means “to satisfy.”

Numerical significance

In Gematria, the traditional Hebrew numbering system, Shin/Sin represent the number 300. While 300 doesn’t carry as much inherent symbolic weight as some smaller numbers in Hebrew tradition, it is considered significant in certain contexts, such as the 300 men with Gideon () or the length of Noah’s ark in cubits ().

Cultural and symbolic meaning

The original pictograph for Shin/Sin is debated, but it may have represented teeth, conveying ideas of eating, destroying, or changing. In Hebrew tradition, it is thought to be a symbol of divine power and protection. In fact, it’s often associated with “שַׁדַּי” (Shaddai, ), one of the names of God, which means “Almighty.” For example, the letter Shin appears on the mezuzah—a small case affixed to the doorposts of Jewish homes (see )—representing “Shaddai” and serving as an emblem of God’s protection over the home.