Pe (פ‎/‎ף) Old Testament Hebrew words that start with pe

Quick reference

Hebrew Name:
פֵּא ‎/‎ פֵּא סוֹפִית
English Name:
pe ‎/‎ pe sofit
פ ‎/‎ ף
Speech Sound:
Numerical Value:
80 ‎/‎ 800 °

° the second value is associated with the final form of the letter, which is when it is the last letter of the word

Pronunciation guide

Pe (or Pey) has two distinct sounds. When there is a dot (dagesh) in the middle of the letter, it is pronounced as the “p” in “pot.” Without the dagesh, it is called Fe and is pronounced as the “f” in “face.” The presence or absence of the dagesh thus completely alters the sound the letter represents, which in turn can change the meaning of the word it is used in.

Numerical significance

Pe corresponds to the number eighty (80) in the Hebrew numbering system (Gematria). The number eighty is associated with strength and vigor, likely due to Moses being eighty years old when he confronted Pharaoh, as narrated in . It suggests a maturity that implies action and leadership.

Cultural and symbolic meaning

Pe is traditionally associated with the mouth (see ). The mouth plays a critical role in Hebrew culture: it’s the organ of speech, eating, and the breath of life. It is not only about physical sustenance but also about spiritual nourishment and communication. The letter Pe can thus be seen as a symbol of expression, the sustenance of life, creation, and the spoken word of God in the biblical texts.