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World English Bible

Hosea 13 (WEBP)

[1] When Ephraim spoke, there was trembling. He exalted himself in Israel, but when he became guilty through Baal, he died.
[2] Now they sin more and more, and have made themselves molten images of their silver, even idols according to their own understanding, all of them the work of the craftsmen. They say of them, ‘They offer human sacrifice and kiss the calves.’
[3] Therefore they will be like the morning mist, like the dew that passes away early, like the chaff that is driven with the whirlwind out of the threshing floor, and like the smoke out of the chimney.
[4] “Yet I am Yahweh your God from the land of Egypt; and you shall acknowledge no god but me, and besides me there is no savior.
[5] I knew you in the wilderness, in the land of great drought.
[6] According to their pasture, so were they filled; they were filled, and their heart was exalted. Therefore they have forgotten me.
[7] Therefore I am like a lion to them. Like a leopard, I will lurk by the path.
[8] I will meet them like a bear that is bereaved of her cubs, and will tear the covering of their heart. There I will devour them like a lioness. The wild animal will tear them.
[9] You are destroyed, Israel, because you are against me, against your helper.
[10] Where is your king now, that he may save you in all your cities? And your judges, of whom you said, ‘Give me a king and princes’?
[11] I have given you a king in my anger, and have taken him away in my wrath.
[12] The guilt of Ephraim is stored up. His sin is stored up.
[13] The sorrows of a travailing woman will come on him. He is an unwise son, for when it is time, he doesn’t come to the opening of the womb.
[14] I will ransom them from the power of Sheol.° I will redeem them from death! Death, where are your plagues? Sheol, where is your destruction? “Compassion will be hidden from my eyes.
[15] Though he is fruitful among his brothers, an east wind will come, the breath of Yahweh coming up from the wilderness; and his spring will become dry, and his fountain will be dried up. He will plunder the storehouse of treasure.
[16] Samaria will bear her guilt, for she has rebelled against her God. They will fall by the sword. Their infants will be dashed in pieces, and their pregnant women will be ripped open.”

Hosea 13:14 Sheol is the place of the dead.

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King James w/Strong’s #s

Hosea 13 (KJVS)

[1] When Ephraim H669 spake H1696 (8763) trembling H7578, he exalted H5375 (8804) himself in Israel H3478; but when he offended H816 (8799) in Baal H1168, he died H4191 (8799).
[2] And now they sin H2398 (8800) more and more H3254 (8686), and have made H6213 (8799) them molten images H4541 of their silver H3701, [and] idols H6091 according to their own understanding H8394, all of it the work H4639 of the craftsmen H2796: they say H559 (8802) of them, Let the men H120 that sacrifice H2076 (8802) kiss H5401 (8799) the calves H5695.
[3] Therefore they shall be as the morning H1242 cloud H6051, and as the early H7925 (8688) dew H2919 that passeth away H1980 (8802), as the chaff H4671 [that] is driven with the whirlwind H5590 (8792) out of the floor H1637, and as the smoke H6227 out of the chimney H699.
[4] Yet I [am] the LORD H3068 thy God H430 from the land H776 of Egypt H4714, and thou shalt know H3045 (8799) no god H430 but me H2108: for [there is] no saviour H3467 (8688) beside me H1115.
[5] I did know H3045 (8804) thee in the wilderness H4057, in the land H776 of great drought H8514.
[6] According to their pasture H4830, so were they filled H7646 (8799); they were filled H7646 (8804), and their heart H3820 was exalted H7311 (8799); therefore have they forgotten H7911 (8804) me.
[7] Therefore I will be unto them as a lion H7826: as a leopard H5246 by the way H1870 will I observe H7789 (8799) [them]:
[8] I will meet H6298 (8799) them as a bear H1677 [that is] bereaved H7909 [of her whelps], and will rend H7167 (8799) the caul H5458 of their heart H3820, and there will I devour H398 (8799) them like a lion H3833: the wild H7704 beast H2416 shall tear H1234 (8762) them.
[9] O Israel H3478, thou hast destroyed H7843 (8765) thyself; but in me [is] thine help H5828.
[10] I will H165 be thy king H4428: where H645 [is any other] that may save H3467 (8686) thee in all thy cities H5892? and thy judges H8199 (8802) of whom thou saidst H559 (8804), Give H5414 (8798) me a king H4428 and princes H8269?
[11] I gave H5414 (8799) thee a king H4428 in mine anger H639, and took H3947 (8799) [him] away in my wrath H5678.
[12] The iniquity H5771 of Ephraim H669 [is] bound up H6887 (8803); his sin H2403 [is] hid H6845 (8803).
[13] The sorrows H2256 of a travailing woman H3205 (8802) shall come H935 (8799) upon him: he [is] an unwise H2450 son H1121; for he should not stay H5975 (8799) long H6256 in [the place of] the breaking forth H4866 of children H1121.
[14] I will ransom H6299 (8799) them from the power H3027 of the grave H7585; I will redeem H1350 (8799) them from death H4194: O death H4194, I will H165 be thy plagues H1698; O grave H7585, I will H165 be thy destruction H6987: repentance H5164 shall be hid H5641 (8735) from mine eyes H5869.
[15] Though he be fruitful H6500 (8686) among [his] brethren H251, an east wind H6921 shall come H935 (8799), the wind H7307 of the LORD H3068 shall come up H5927 (8802) from the wilderness H4057, and his spring H4726 shall become dry H954 (8799), and his fountain H4599 shall be dried up H2717 (8799): he shall spoil H8154 (8799) the treasure H214 of all pleasant H2532 vessels H3627.
[16] Samaria H8111 shall become desolate H816 (8799); for she hath rebelled H4784 (8804) against her God H430: they shall fall H5307 (8799) by the sword H2719: their infants H5768 shall be dashed in pieces H7376 (8792), and their women with child H2030 shall be ripped up H1234 (8792).

Young’s Literal Translation

Hosea 13 (YLT)

[1] When Ephraim speaketh tremblingly, He hath been lifted up in Israel, When he becometh guilty in Baal he dieth.
[2] And now do they add to sin, And make to them a molten image of their silver, By their own understanding-idols, A work of artisans-all of it, Of them they say, who are sacrificers among men, ‘The calves let them kiss.’
[3] Therefore they are as a cloud of the morning, And as dew, rising early, going away, As chaff tossed about out of a floor, And as smoke out of a window.
[4] And I am Jehovah thy God from the land of Egypt, And a God besides Me thou dost not know, And a Saviour-there is none save Me.
[5] I-I have known thee in a wilderness, In a land of droughts.
[6] According to their feedings they are satiated, They have been satiated, And their heart is lifted up, Therefore they have forgotten Me,
[7] And I am to them as a lion, As a leopard by the way I look out.
[8] I do meet them as a bereaved bear, And I rend the enclosure of their heart.
[9] And I consume them there as a lioness, A beast of the field doth rend them.
[10] Thou hast destroyed thyself, O Israel, But in Me is thy help, Where is thy king now- And he doth save thee in all thy cities? And thy judges of whom thou didst say, ‘Give to me a king and heads?’
[11] I give to thee a king in Mine anger, And I take away in My wrath.
[12] Bound up is the iniquity of Ephraim, Hidden is his sin,
[13] Pangs of a travailing woman come to him, He is a son not wise, For he remaineth not the time for the breaking forth of sons.
[14] From the hand of Sheol I do ransom them, From death I redeem them, Where is thy plague, O death? Where thy destruction, O Sheol? Repentance is hid from Mine eyes.
[15] Though he among brethren produceth fruit, Come in doth an east wind, a wind of Jehovah, From a wilderness it is coming up, And it drieth up his fountain, And become dry doth his spring, It-it spoileth a treasure-every desirable vessel.
[16] Become desolate doth Samaria, Because she hath rebelled against her God, By sword they do fall, Their sucklings are dashed in pieces, And its pregnant ones are ripped up!