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World English Bible

2 Peter 2 (WEBP)

[1] But false prophets also arose among the people, as false teachers will also be among you, who will secretly bring in destructive heresies, denying even the Master who bought them, bringing on themselves swift destruction.
[2] Many will follow their immoral° ways, and as a result, the way of the truth will be maligned.
[3] In covetousness they will exploit you with deceptive words: whose sentence now from of old doesn’t linger, and their destruction will not slumber.
[4] For if God didn’t spare angels when they sinned, but cast them down to Tartarus,° and committed them to pits of darkness to be reserved for judgment;
[5] and didn’t spare the ancient world, but preserved Noah with seven others, a preacher of righteousness, when he brought a flood on the world of the ungodly,
[6] and turning the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah into ashes, condemned them to destruction, having made them an example to those who would live in an ungodly way,
[7] and delivered righteous Lot, who was very distressed by the lustful life of the wicked
[8] (for that righteous man dwelling among them was tormented in his righteous soul from day to day with seeing and hearing lawless deeds),
[9] then the Lord knows how to deliver the godly out of temptation and to keep the unrighteous under punishment for the day of judgment,
[10] but chiefly those who walk after the flesh in the lust of defilement and despise authority. Daring, self-willed, they are not afraid to speak evil of dignitaries,
[11] whereas angels, though greater in might and power, don’t bring a slanderous judgment against them before the Lord.
[12] But these, as unreasoning creatures, born natural animals to be taken and destroyed, speaking evil in matters about which they are ignorant, will in their destroying surely be destroyed,
[13] receiving the wages of unrighteousness; people who count it pleasure to revel in the daytime, spots and defects, reveling in their deceit while they feast with you;
[14] having eyes full of adultery, and who can’t cease from sin, enticing unsettled souls, having a heart trained in greed, accursed children!
[15] Forsaking the right way, they went astray, having followed the way of Balaam the son of Beor, who loved the wages of wrongdoing;
[16] but he was rebuked for his own disobedience. A speechless donkey spoke with a man’s voice and stopped the madness of the prophet.
[17] These are wells without water, clouds driven by a storm, for whom the blackness of darkness has been reserved forever.
[18] For, uttering great swelling words of emptiness, they entice in the lusts of the flesh, by licentiousness, those who are indeed escaping from those who live in error;
[19] promising them liberty, while they themselves are bondservants of corruption; for a man is brought into bondage by whoever overcomes him.
[20] For if, after they have escaped the defilement of the world through the knowledge of the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, they are again entangled in it and overcome, the last state has become worse for them than the first.
[21] For it would be better for them not to have known the way of righteousness, than after knowing it, to turn back from the holy commandment delivered to them.
[22] But it has happened to them according to the true proverb, “The dog turns to his own vomit again,” and “the sow that has washed to wallowing in the mire.”

2 Peter 2:2 TR reads “destructive” instead of “immoral”
2 Peter 2:4 Tartarus is another name for Hell
2 Peter 2:22 Proverbs 26:11

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King James w/Strong’s #s

2 Peter 2 (KJVS)

[1] But G1161 there were G1096 (Aor2MidDepInd) false prophets G5578 also G2532 among G1722 the people G2992, even G2532 as G5613 there shall be G2071 (FutInd) false teachers G5572 among G1722 you G5213, who G3748 privily shall bring in G3919 (FutActInd) damnable G684 heresies G139, even G2532 denying G720 (PresMidPasDepPtc) the Lord G1203 that bought G59 (AorActPtc) them G846, and bring G1863 (PresActPtc) upon themselves G1438 swift G5031 destruction G684.
[2] And G2532 many G4183 shall follow G1811 (FutActInd) their G846 pernicious ways G684; by reason of G1223 whom G3739 the way G3598 of truth G225 shall be evil spoken of G987 (FutPasInd).
[3] And G2532 through G1722 covetousness G4124 shall they with feigned G4112 words G3056 make merchandise G1710 (FutMidDepInd) of you G5209: whose G3739 judgment G2917 now of a long time G1597 lingereth G691 (PresActInd) not G3756, and G2532 their G846 damnation G684 slumbereth G3573 (PresActInd) not G3756.
[4] For G1063 if G1487 God G2316 spared G5339 (AorMidDepInd) not G3756 the angels G32 that sinned G264 (AorActPtc), but G235 cast [them] down to hell G5020 (AorActPtc), and delivered G3860 (AorActInd) [them] into chains G4577 of darkness G2217, to be reserved G5083 (PerfPasPtc) unto G1519 judgment G2920;
[5] And G2532 spared G5339 (AorMidDepInd) not G3756 the old G744 world G2889, but G235 saved G5442 (AorActInd) Noah G3575 the eighth G3590 [person], a preacher G2783 of righteousness G1343, bringing in G1863 (AorActPtc) the flood G2627 upon the world G2889 of the ungodly G765;
[6] And G2532 turning G5077 the cities G4172 of Sodom G4670 and G2532 Gomorrha G1116 into ashes G5077 (AorActPtc) condemned G2632 (AorActInd) [them] with an overthrow G2692, making G5087 (PerfActPtc) [them] an ensample G5262 unto those that after should G3195 (PresActPtc) live ungodly G764 (PresActInf);
[7] And G2532 delivered G4506 (AorMidPasDepInd) just G1342 Lot G3091, vexed G2669 (PresPasPtc) with G5259 the filthy G766 conversation G391 of G1722 the wicked G113:
[8] (For G1063 that righteous man G1342 dwelling G1460 (PresActPtc) among G1722 them G846, in seeing G990 and G2532 hearing G189, vexed G928 (ImpfActInd) [his] righteous G1342 soul G5590 from day G2250 to G1537 day G2250 with [their] unlawful G459 deeds G2041;)
[9] The Lord G2962 knoweth G1492 (PerfActInd) how to deliver G4506 (PresMidPasDepInf) the godly G2152 out of G1537 temptations G3986, and G1161 to reserve G5083 (PresActInf) the unjust G94 unto G1519 the day G2250 of judgment G2920 to be punished G2849 (PresPasPtc):
[10] But G1161 chiefly G3122 them that walk G4198 (PresMidPasDepPtc) after G3694 the flesh G4561 in G1722 the lust G1939 of uncleanness G3394, and G2532 despise G2706 (PresActPtc) government G2963. Presumptuous G5113 [are they], selfwilled G829, they are not G3756 afraid G5141 (PresActInd) to speak evil G987 (PresActPtc) of dignities G1391.
[11] Whereas G3699 angels G32, which are G5607 (PresPtc) greater in G3187 power G2479 and G2532 might G1411, bring G5342 (PresActInd) not G3756 railing G989 accusation G2920 against G2596 them G846 before G3844 the Lord G2962.
[12] But G1161 these G3778, as G5613 natural G5446 brute G249 beasts G2226, made G1080 (PerfPasPtc) to G1519 be taken G259 and G2532 destroyed G5356, speak evil G987 (PresActPtc) of G1722 the things that G3739 they understand not G50 (PresActInd); and shall utterly perish G2704 (Fut2PasInd) in G1722 their own G846 corruption G5356;
[13] And shall receive G2865 (FutMidDepPtc) the reward G3408 of unrighteousness G93, [as] they that count G2233 (PresMidPasDepPtc) it pleasure G2237 to riot G5172 in G1722 the day time G2250. Spots G4696 [they are] and G2532 blemishes G3470, sporting themselves G1792 (PresActPtc) with G1722 their own G846 deceivings G539 while they feast G4910 (PresMidPasDepPtc) with you G5213;
[14] Having G2192 (PresActPtc) eyes G3788 full G3324 of adultery G3428, and G2532 that cannot cease from G180 sin G266; beguiling G1185 (PresActPtc) unstable G793 souls G5590: an heart G2588 they have G2192 (PresActPtc) exercised G1128 (PerfPasPtc) with covetous practices G4124; cursed G2671 children G5043:
[15] Which have forsaken G2641 (Aor2ActPtc) the right G2117 way G3598, and are gone astray G4105 (AorPasInd), following G1811 (AorActPtc) the way G3598 of Balaam G903 [the son] of Bosor G1007, who G3739 loved G25 (AorActInd) the wages G3408 of unrighteousness G93;
[16] But G1161 was G2192 (Aor2ActInd) rebuked G1649 for his G2398 iniquity G3892: the dumb G880 ass G5268 speaking G5350 (AorMidPasDepPtc) with G1722 man’s G444 voice G5456 forbad G2967 (AorActInd) the madness G3913 of the prophet G4396.
[17] These G3778 are G1526 (PresInd) wells G4077 without water G504, clouds G3507 that are carried G1643 (PresPasPtc) with G5259 a tempest G2978; to whom G3739 the mist G2217 of darkness G4655 is reserved G5083 (PerfPasInd) for G1519 ever G165.
[18] For G1063 when they speak G5350 (PresMidDepPtc) great swelling G5246 [words] of vanity G3153, they allure G1185 (PresActInd) through G1722 the lusts G1939 of the flesh G4561, [through much] wantonness G766, those that were clean G3689 escaped G668 (Aor2ActPtc) from them who live G390 (PresPasPtc) in G1722 error G4106.
[19] While they promise G1861 (PresMidPasDepPtc) them G846 liberty G1657, they themselves G846 are G5225 (PresActPtc) the servants G1401 of corruption G5356: for G1063 of whom G3739 a man G5100 is overcome G2274 (PerfMidPasDepInd), G2532 of the same G5129 is he brought in bondage G1402 (PerfPasInd).
[20] For G1063 if G1487 after they have escaped G668 (Aor2ActPtc) the pollutions G3393 of the world G2889 through G1722 the knowledge G1922 of the Lord G2962 and G2532 Saviour G4990 Jesus G2424 Christ G5547, they are G1707 again G3825 entangled G1707 (Aor2PasPtc) therein G5125, and G1161 overcome G1096 (Perf2ActInd) G2274 (PresMidPasDepInd), the latter end G2078 is worse G5501 with them G846 than the beginning G4413.
[21] For G1063 it had been G2258 (ImpfInd) better G2909 for them G846 not G3361 to have known G1921 (PerfActInf) the way G3598 of righteousness G1343, than G2228, after they have known G1921 (Aor2ActPtc) [it], to turn G1994 (AorActInf) from G1537 the holy G40 commandment G1785 delivered G3860 (AorPasPtc) unto them G846.
[22] But G1161 it is happened G4819 (PerfActInd) unto them G846 according to G3588 the true G227 proverb G3942, The dog G2965 [is] turned G1994 to G1909 his own G2398 vomit G1829 again G1994 (AorActPtc); and G2532 the sow G5300 that was washed G3068 (AorMidPtc) to G1519 her wallowing G2946 in the mire G1004.

Young’s Literal Translation

2 Peter 2 (YLT)

[1] And there did come also false prophets among the people, as also among you there shall be false teachers, who shall bring in besides destructive sects, and the Master who bought them denying, bringing to themselves quick destruction,
[2] and many shall follow out their destructive ways, because of whom the way of the truth shall be evil spoken of,
[3] and in covetousness, with moulded words, of you they shall make merchandise, whose judgment of old is not idle, and their destruction doth not slumber.
[4] For if God messengers who sinned did not spare, but with chains of thick gloom, having cast them down to Tartarus, did deliver them to judgment, having been reserved,
[5] and the old world did not spare, but the eighth person, Noah, of righteousness a preacher, did keep, a flood on the world of the impious having brought,
[6] and the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah having turned to ashes, with an overthrow did condemn, an example to those about to be impious having set them;
[7] and righteous Lot, worn down by the conduct in lasciviousness of the impious, He did rescue,
[8] for in seeing and hearing, the righteous man, dwelling among them, day by day the righteous soul with unlawful works was harassing.
[9] The Lord hath known to rescue pious ones out of temptation, and unrighteous ones to a day of judgment, being punished, to keep,
[10] and chiefly those going behind the flesh in desire of uncleanness, and lordship despising; presumptuous, self-complacent, dignities they are not afraid to speak evil of,
[11] whereas messengers, in strength and power being greater, do not bear against them before the Lord an evil speaking judgment;
[12] and these, as irrational natural beasts, made to be caught and destroyed-in what things they are ignorant of, speaking evil-in their destruction shall be destroyed,
[13] about to receive a reward of unrighteousness, pleasures counting the luxury in the day, spots and blemishes, luxuriating in their deceits, feasting with you,
[14] having eyes full of adultery, and unable to cease from sin, enticing unstable souls, having an heart exercised in covetousnesses, children of a curse,
[15] having forsaken a right way, they did go astray, having followed in the way of Balaam the son of Bosor, who a reward of unrighteousness did love,
[16] and had a rebuke of his own iniquity-a dumb ass, in man’s voice having spoken, did forbid the madness of the prophet.
[17] These are wells without water, and clouds by a tempest driven, to whom the thick gloom of the darkness to the age hath been kept;
[18] for overswellings of vanity speaking, they do entice in desires of the flesh-lasciviousnesses, those who had truly escaped from those conducting themselves in error,
[19] liberty to them promising, themselves being servants of the corruption, for by whom any one hath been overcome, to this one also he hath been brought to servitude,
[20] for, if having escaped from the pollutions of the world, in the acknowledging of the Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ, and by these again being entangled, they have been overcome, become to them hath the last things worse than the first,
[21] for it were better to them not to have acknowledged the way of the righteousness, than having acknowledged it, to turn back from the holy command delivered to them,
[22] and happened to them hath that of the true similitude; ‘A dog did turn back upon his own vomit,’ and, ‘A sow having bathed herself-to rolling in mire.’