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World English Bible

Malachi 2 (WEBP)

[1] “Now, you priests, this commandment is for you.
[2] If you will not listen, and if you will not take it to heart, to give glory to my name,” says Yahweh of Armies, “then I will send the curse on you, and I will curse your blessings. Indeed, I have cursed them already, because you do not take it to heart.
[3] Behold, I will rebuke your offspring,§ and will spread dung on your faces, even the dung of your feasts; and you will be taken away with it.
[4] You will know that I have sent this commandment to you, that my covenant may be with Levi,” says Yahweh of Armies.
[5] “My covenant was with him of life and peace; and I gave them to him that he might be reverent toward me; and he was reverent toward me, and stood in awe of my name.
[6] The law of truth was in his mouth, and unrighteousness was not found in his lips. He walked with me in peace and uprightness, and turned many away from iniquity.
[7] For the priest’s lips should keep knowledge, and they should seek the law at his mouth; for he is the messenger of Yahweh of Armies.
[8] But you have turned away from the path. You have caused many to stumble in the law. You have corrupted the covenant of Levi,” says Yahweh of Armies.
[9] “Therefore I have also made you contemptible and wicked before all the people, according to the way you have not kept my ways, but have had respect for persons in the law.
[10] Don’t we all have one father? Hasn’t one God created us? Why do we deal treacherously every man against his brother, profaning the covenant of our fathers?
[11] Judah has dealt treacherously, and an abomination is committed in Israel and in Jerusalem; for Judah has profaned the holiness of Yahweh which he loves, and has married the daughter of a foreign god.
[12] Yahweh will cut off the man who does this, him who wakes and him who answers, out of the tents of Jacob and him who offers an offering to Yahweh of Armies.
[13] “This again you do: you cover Yahweh’s altar with tears, with weeping, and with sighing, because he doesn’t regard the offering any more, neither receives it with good will at your hand.
[14] Yet you say, ‘Why?’ Because Yahweh has been witness between you and the wife of your youth, against whom you have dealt treacherously, though she is your companion and the wife of your covenant.
[15] Did he not make you one, although he had the residue of the Spirit? Why one? He sought godly offspring. Therefore take heed to your spirit, and let no one deal treacherously against the wife of his youth.
[16] One who hates and divorces”, says Yahweh, the God of Israel, “covers his garment with violence!” says Yahweh of Armies. “Therefore pay attention to your spirit, that you don’t be unfaithful.
[17] You have wearied Yahweh with your words. Yet you say, ‘How have we wearied him?’ In that you say, ‘Everyone who does evil is good in Yahweh’s sight, and he delights in them;’ or ‘Where is the God of justice?’

Malachi 2:3 or, seed

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King James w/Strong’s #s

Malachi 2 (KJVS)

[1] And now, O ye priests H3548, this commandment H4687 [is] for you.
[2] If ye will not hear H8085 (8799), and if ye will not lay H7760 (8799) [it] to heart H3820, to give H5414 (8800) glory H3519 unto my name H8034, saith H559 (8804) the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635, I will even send H7971 (8765) a curse H3994 upon you, and I will curse H779 (8804) your blessings H1293: yea, I have cursed H779 (8804) them already, because ye do not lay H7760 (8802) [it] to heart H3820.
[3] Behold, I will corrupt H1605 (8802) your seed H2233, and spread H2219 (8765) dung H6569 upon your faces H6440, [even] the dung H6569 of your solemn feasts H2282; and [one] shall take you away H5375 (8804) with it.
[4] And ye shall know H3045 (8804) that I have sent H7971 (8765) this commandment H4687 unto you, that my covenant H1285 might be with Levi H3878, saith H559 (8804) the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635.
[5] My covenant H1285 was with him of life H2416 and peace H7965; and I gave H5414 (8799) them to him [for] the fear H4172 wherewith he feared H3372 (8799) me, and was afraid H2865 (8738) before H6440 my name H8034.
[6] The law H8451 of truth H571 was in his mouth H6310, and iniquity H5766 was not found H4672 (8738) in his lips H8193: he walked H1980 (8804) with me in peace H7965 and equity H4334, and did turn H7725 many H7227 away H7725 (8689) from iniquity H5771.
[7] For the priest’s H3548 lips H8193 should keep H8104 (8799) knowledge H1847, and they should seek H1245 (8762) the law H8451 at his mouth H6310: for he [is] the messenger H4397 of the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635.
[8] But ye are departed H5493 (8804) out of the way H1870; ye have caused many H7227 to stumble H3782 (8689) at the law H8451; ye have corrupted H7843 (8765) the covenant H1285 of Levi H3878, saith H559 (8804) the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635.
[9] Therefore have I also made H5414 (8804) you contemptible H959 (8737) and base H8217 before all the people H5971, according H6310 as ye have not kept H8104 (8802) my ways H1870, but have been partial H5375 (8802) H6440 in the law H8451.
[10] Have we not all one H259 father H1? hath not one H259 God H410 created H1254 (8804) us? why do we deal treacherously H898 (8799) every man H376 against his brother H251, by profaning H2490 (8763) the covenant H1285 of our fathers H1?
[11] Judah H3063 hath dealt treacherously H898 (8804), and an abomination H8441 is committed H6213 (8738) in Israel H3478 and in Jerusalem H3389; for Judah H3063 hath profaned H2490 (8765) the holiness H6944 of the LORD H3068 which he loved H157 (8804), and hath married H1166 (8804) the daughter H1323 of a strange H5236 god H410.
[12] The LORD H3068 will cut off H3772 (8686) the man H376 that doeth H6213 (8799) this, the master H5782 (8802) and the scholar H6030 (8802), out of the tabernacles H168 of Jacob H3290, and him that offereth H5066 (8688) an offering H4503 unto the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635.
[13] And this have ye done H6213 (8799) again H8145, covering H3680 (8763) the altar H4196 of the LORD H3068 with tears H1832, with weeping H1065, and with crying out H603, insomuch that he regardeth H6437 (8800) not the offering H4503 any more, or receiveth H3947 (8800) [it] with good will H7522 at your hand H3027.
[14] Yet ye say H559 (8804), Wherefore H4100? Because the LORD H3068 hath been witness H5749 (8689) between thee and the wife H802 of thy youth H5271, against whom thou hast dealt treacherously H898 (8804): yet [is] she thy companion H2278, and the wife H802 of thy covenant H1285.
[15] And did not he make H6213 (8804) one H259? Yet had he the residue H7605 of the spirit H7307. And wherefore one H259? That he might seek H1245 (8764) a godly H430 seed H2233. Therefore take heed H8104 (8738) to your spirit H7307, and let none deal treacherously H898 (8799) against the wife H802 of his youth H5271.
[16] For the LORD H3068, the God H430 of Israel H3478, saith H559 (8804) that he hateth H8130 (8804) putting away H7971 (8763): for [one] covereth H3680 (8765) violence H2555 with his garment H3830, saith H559 (8804) the LORD H3068 of hosts H6635: therefore take heed H8104 (8738) to your spirit H7307, that ye deal not treacherously H898 (8799).
[17] Ye have wearied H3021 (8689) the LORD H3068 with your words H1697. Yet ye say H559 (8804), Wherein have we wearied H3021 (8689) [him]? When ye say H559 (8800), Every one that doeth H6213 (8802) evil H7451 [is] good H2896 in the sight H5869 of the LORD H3068, and he delighteth H2654 (8804) in them; or, Where [is] the God H430 of judgment H4941?

Young’s Literal Translation

Malachi 2 (YLT)

[1] And now, to you is this charge, O priests,
[2] If ye hearken not, and if ye lay it not to heart, To give honour to My name, said Jehovah of Hosts, I have sent against you the curse, And I have cursed your blessings, Yea, I have also cursed it, Because ye are not laying it to heart.
[3] Lo, I am pushing away before you the seed, And have scattered dung before your faces, Dung of your festivals, And it hath taken you away with it.
[4] And ye have known that I have sent unto you this charge, For My covenant being with Levi, Said Jehovah of Hosts.
[5] My covenant hath been with him of life and of peace, And I make them to him a fear, and he doth fear Me, And because of My name he hath been affrighted.
[6] The law of truth hath been in his mouth, And perverseness hath not been found in his lips, In peace and in uprightness he walked with Me, And many he brought back from iniquity.
[7] For the lips of a priest preserve knowledge, And law they do seek from his mouth, For a messenger of Jehovah of Hosts he is.
[8] And ye, ye have turned from the way, Ye have caused many to stumble in the law, Ye have corrupted the covenant of Levi, Said Jehovah of Hosts.
[9] And I also, I have made you despised and low before all the people, Because ye are not keeping My ways, And are accepting persons in the law.
[10] Have we not all one father? Hath not our God prepared us? Wherefore do we deal treacherously, Each against his brother, To pollute the covenant of our fathers?
[11] Dealt treacherously hath Judah, And abomination hath been done in Israel, and in Jerusalem, For polluted hath Judah the holy thing of Jehovah, That He hath loved, and hath married the daughter of a strange god.
[12] Cut off doth Jehovah the man who doth it, Tempter and tempted-from the tents of Jacob, Even he who is bringing nigh a present to Jehovah of Hosts.
[13] And this a second time ye do, Covering with tears the altar of Jehovah, With weeping and groaning, Because there is no more turning unto the present, Or receiving of a pleasing thing from your hand.
[14] And ye have said, ‘Wherefore?’ Because Jehovah hath testified between thee And the wife of thy youth, That thou hast dealt treacherously against her, And she thy companion, and thy covenant-wife.
[15] And He did not make one only, And He hath the remnant of the Spirit. And what is the one alone! He is seeking a godly seed. And ye have been watchful over your spirit, And with the wife of thy youth, None doth deal treacherously.
[16] For I hate sending away, said Jehovah, God of Israel, And He who hath covered violence with his clothing, said Jehovah of Hosts, And ye have been watchful over your spirit, And ye do not deal treacherously.
[17] Ye have wearied Jehovah with your words, And ye have said: ‘In what have we wearied Him?’ In your saying: ‘Every evil-doer is good in the eyes of Jehovah, And in them He is delighting,’ Or, ‘Where is the God of judgment?’