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World English Bible

Genesis 48 (WEBP)

[1] After these things, someone said to Joseph, “Behold, your father is sick.” He took with him his two sons, Manasseh and Ephraim.
[2] Someone told Jacob, and said, “Behold, your son Joseph comes to you,” and Israel strengthened himself, and sat on the bed.
[3] Jacob said to Joseph, “God Almighty appeared to me at Luz in the land of Canaan, and blessed me,
[4] and said to me, ‘Behold, I will make you fruitful, and multiply you, and I will make of you a company of peoples, and will give this land to your offspring after you for an everlasting possession.’
[5] Now your two sons, who were born to you in the land of Egypt before I came to you into Egypt, are mine; Ephraim and Manasseh, even as Reuben and Simeon, will be mine.
[6] Your offspring, whom you become the father of after them, will be yours. They will be called after the name of their brothers in their inheritance.
[7] As for me, when I came from Paddan, Rachel died beside me in the land of Canaan on the way, when there was still some distance to come to Ephrath, and I buried her there on the way to Ephrath (also called Bethlehem).”
[8] Israel saw Joseph’s sons, and said, “Who are these?”
[9] Joseph said to his father, “They are my sons, whom God has given me here.” He said, “Please bring them to me, and I will bless them.”
[10] Now the eyes of Israel were dim for age, so that he couldn’t see well. Joseph brought them near to him; and he kissed them, and embraced them.
[11] Israel said to Joseph, “I didn’t think I would see your face, and behold, God has let me see your offspring also.”
[12] Joseph brought them out from between his knees, and he bowed himself with his face to the earth.
[13] Joseph took them both, Ephraim in his right hand toward Israel’s left hand, and Manasseh in his left hand toward Israel’s right hand, and brought them near to him.
[14] Israel stretched out his right hand, and laid it on Ephraim’s head, who was the younger, and his left hand on Manasseh’s head, guiding his hands knowingly, for Manasseh was the firstborn.
[15] He blessed Joseph, and said, “The God before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked, the God who has fed me all my life long to this day,
[16] the angel who has redeemed me from all evil, bless the lads, and let my name be named on them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac. Let them grow into a multitude upon the earth.”
[17] When Joseph saw that his father laid his right hand on the head of Ephraim, it displeased him. He held up his father’s hand, to remove it from Ephraim’s head to Manasseh’s head.
[18] Joseph said to his father, “Not so, my father, for this is the firstborn. Put your right hand on his head.”
[19] His father refused, and said, “I know, my son, I know. He also will become a people, and he also will be great. However, his younger brother will be greater than he, and his offspring will become a multitude of nations.”
[20] He blessed them that day, saying, “Israel will bless in you, saying, ‘God make you as Ephraim and as Manasseh’ ” He set Ephraim before Manasseh.
[21] Israel said to Joseph, “Behold, I am dying, but God will be with you, and bring you again to the land of your fathers.
[22] Moreover I have given to you one portion above your brothers, which I took out of the hand of the Amorite with my sword and with my bow.”

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King James w/Strong’s #s

Genesis 48 (KJVS)

[1] And it came to pass after H310 these things H1697, that [one] told H559 (8799) Joseph H3130, Behold, thy father H1 [is] sick H2470 (8802): and he took H3947 (8799) with him his two H8147 sons H1121, Manasseh H4519 and Ephraim H669.
[2] And [one] told H5046 (8686) Jacob H3290, and said H559 (8799), Behold, thy son H1121 Joseph H3130 cometh H935 (8802) unto thee: and Israel H3478 strengthened H2388 (8691) himself, and sat H3427 (8799) upon the bed H4296.
[3] And Jacob H3290 said H559 (8799) unto Joseph H3130, God H410 Almighty H7706 appeared H7200 (8738) unto me at Luz H3870 in the land H776 of Canaan H3667, and blessed H1288 (8762) me,
[4] And said H559 (8799) unto me, Behold, I will make thee fruitful H6509 (8688), and multiply H7235 (8689) thee, and I will make H5414 (8804) of thee a multitude H6951 of people H5971; and will give H5414 (8804) this land H776 to thy seed H2233 after thee H310 [for] an everlasting H5769 possession H272.
[5] And now thy two H8147 sons H1121, Ephraim H669 and Manasseh H4519, which were born H3205 (8737) unto thee in the land H776 of Egypt H4714 before H5704 I came H935 (8800) unto thee into Egypt H4714, [are] mine; as Reuben H7205 and Simeon H8095, they shall be mine.
[6] And thy issue H4138, which thou begettest H3205 (8689) after H310 them, shall be thine, [and] shall be called H7121 (8735) after H5921 the name H8034 of their brethren H251 in their inheritance H5159.
[7] And as for me, when I came H935 (8800) from Padan H6307, Rachel H7354 died H4191 (8804) by me in the land H776 of Canaan H3667 in the way H1870, when H5750 yet [there was] but a little H3530 way H776 to come H935 (8800) unto Ephrath H672: and I buried her H6912 (8799) there in the way H1870 of Ephrath H672; the same [is] Bethlehem H1035.
[8] And Israel H3478 beheld H7200 (8799) Joseph’s H3130 sons H1121, and said H559 (8799), Who [are] these?
[9] And Joseph H3130 said H559 (8799) unto his father H1, They [are] my sons H1121, whom God H430 hath given H5414 (8804) me in this [place]. And he said H559 (8799), Bring them H3947 (8798), I pray thee, unto me, and I will bless H1288 (8762) them.
[10] Now the eyes H5869 of Israel H3478 were dim H3513 (8804) for age H2207, [so that] he could H3201 (8799) not see H7200 (8800). And he brought them near H5066 (8686) unto him; and he kissed H5401 (8799) them, and embraced H2263 (8762) them.
[11] And Israel H3478 said H559 (8799) unto Joseph H3130, I had not thought H6419 (8765) to see H7200 (8800) thy face H6440: and, lo, God H430 hath shewed H7200 (8689) me also thy seed H2233.
[12] And Joseph H3130 brought them out H3318 (8686) from between H5973 his knees H1290, and he bowed H7812 (8691) himself with his face H639 to the earth H776.
[13] And Joseph H3130 took H3947 (8799) them both H8147, Ephraim H669 in his right hand H3225 toward Israel’s H3478 left hand H8040, and Manasseh H4519 in his left hand H8040 toward Israel’s H3478 right hand H3225, and brought [them] near H5066 (8686) unto him.
[14] And Israel H3478 stretched out H7971 (8799) his right hand H3225, and laid H7896 (8799) [it] upon Ephraim’s H669 head H7218, who [was] the younger H6810, and his left hand H8040 upon Manasseh’s H4519 head H7218, guiding H7919 his hands H3027 wittingly H7919 (8765); for Manasseh H4519 [was] the firstborn H1060.
[15] And he blessed H1288 (8762) Joseph H3130, and said H559 (8799), God H430, before H6440 whom my fathers H1 Abraham H85 and Isaac H3327 did walk H1980 (8694), the God H430 which fed H7462 (8802) me all my life long H5750 unto this day H3117,
[16] The Angel H4397 which redeemed H1350 (8802) me from all evil H7451, bless H1288 (8762) the lads H5288; and let my name H8034 be named H7121 (8735) on them, and the name H8034 of my fathers H1 Abraham H85 and Isaac H3327; and let them grow H1711 (8799) into a multitude H7230 in the midst H7130 of the earth H776.
[17] And when Joseph H3130 saw H7200 (8799) that his father H1 laid H7896 (8799) his right H3225 hand H3027 upon the head H7218 of Ephraim H669, it displeased H3415 (8799) H5869 him: and he held up H8551 (8799) his father’s H1 hand H3027, to remove H5493 (8687) it from Ephraim’s H669 head H7218 unto Manasseh’s H4519 head H7218.
[18] And Joseph H3130 said H559 (8799) unto his father H1, Not so, my father H1: for this [is] the firstborn H1060; put H7760 (8798) thy right hand H3225 upon his head H7218.
[19] And his father H1 refused H3985 (8762), and said H559 (8799), I know H3045 (8804) [it], my son H1121, I know H3045 (8804) [it]: he also shall become a people H5971, and he also shall be great H1431 (8799): but truly H199 his younger H6996 brother H251 shall be greater H1431 (8799) than he, and his seed H2233 shall become a multitude H4393 of nations H1471.
[20] And he blessed H1288 (8762) them that day H3117, saying H559 (8800), In thee shall Israel H3478 bless H1288 (8762), saying H559 (8800), God H430 make H7760 (8799) thee as Ephraim H669 and as Manasseh H4519: and he set H7760 (8799) Ephraim H669 before H6440 Manasseh H4519.
[21] And Israel H3478 said H559 (8799) unto Joseph H3130, Behold, I die H4191 (8801): but God H430 shall be with you, and bring you again H7725 (8689) unto the land H776 of your fathers H1.
[22] Moreover I have given H5414 (8804) to thee one H259 portion H7926 above thy brethren H251, which I took H3947 (8804) out of the hand H3027 of the Amorite H567 with my sword H2719 and with my bow H7198.

Young’s Literal Translation

Genesis 48 (YLT)

[1] And it cometh to pass, after these things, that one saith to Joseph, ‘Lo, thy father is sick;’ and he taketh his two sons with him, Manasseh and Ephraim.
[2] And one declareth to Jacob, and saith, ‘Lo, thy son Joseph is coming unto thee;’ and Israel doth strengthen himself, and sit upon the bed.
[3] And Jacob saith unto Joseph, ‘God Almighty hath appeared unto me, in Luz, in the land of Canaan, and blesseth me,
[4] and saith unto me, Lo, I am making thee fruitful, and have multiplied thee, and given thee for an assembly of peoples, and given this land to thy seed after thee, a possession age-during.
[5] ‘And now, thy two sons, who are born to thee in the land of Egypt, before my coming unto thee to Egypt, mine they are; Ephraim and Manasseh, as Reuben and Simeon they are mine;
[6] and thy family which thou hast begotten after them are thine; by the name of their brethren they are called in their inheritance.
[7] ‘And I-in my coming in from Padan-Aram Rachel hath died by me in the land of Canaan, in the way, while yet a kibrath of land to enter Ephrata, and I bury her there in the way of Ephrata, which is Bethlehem.’
[8] And Israel seeth the sons of Joseph, and saith, ‘Who are these?’
[9] and Joseph saith unto his father, ‘They are my sons, whom God hath given to me in this place;’ and he saith, ‘Bring them, I pray thee, unto me, and I bless them.’
[10] And the eyes of Israel have been heavy from age, he is unable to see; and he bringeth them nigh unto him, and he kisseth them, and cleaveth to them;
[11] and Israel saith unto Joseph, ‘To see thy face I had not thought, and lo, God hath shewed me also thy seed.’
[12] And Joseph bringeth them out from between his knees, and boweth himself on his face to the earth;
[13] and Joseph taketh them both, Ephraim in his right hand towards Israel’s left, and Manasseh in his left towards Israel’s right, and bringeth them nigh to him.
[14] And Israel putteth out his right hand, and placeth it upon the head of Ephraim, who is the younger, and his left hand upon the head of Manasseh; he hath guided his hands wisely, for Manasseh is the first-born.
[15] And he blesseth Joseph, and saith, ‘God, before whom my fathers Abraham and Isaac walked habitually: God who is feeding me from my being unto this day:
[16] the Messenger who is redeeming me from all evil doth bless the youths, and my name is called upon them, and the name of my fathers Abraham and Isaac; and they increase into a multitude in the midst of the land.’
[17] And Joseph seeth that his father setteth his right hand on the head of Ephraim, and it is wrong in his eyes, and he supporteth the hand of his father to turn it aside from off the head of Ephraim to the head of Manasseh;
[18] and Joseph saith unto his father, ‘Not so, my father, for this is the first-born; set thy right hand on his head.’
[19] And his father refuseth, and saith, ‘I have known, my son, I have known; he also becometh a people, and he also is great, and yet, his young brother is greater than he, and his seed is the fulness of the nations;’
[20] and he blesseth them in that day, saying, ‘By thee doth Israel bless, saying, God set thee as Ephraim and as Manasseh;’ and he setteth Ephraim before Manasseh.
[21] And Israel saith unto Joseph, ‘Lo, I am dying, and God hath been with you, and hath brought you back unto the land of your fathers;
[22] and I-I have given to thee one portion above thy brethren, which I have taken out of the hand of the Amorite by my sword and by my bow.’