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World English Bible

Job 12 (WEBP)

[1] Then Job answered,
[2] “No doubt, but you are the people, and wisdom will die with you.
[3] But I have understanding as well as you; I am not inferior to you. Yes, who doesn’t know such things as these?
[4] I am like one who is a joke to his neighbor, I, who called on God, and he answered. The just, the blameless man is a joke.
[5] In the thought of him who is at ease there is contempt for misfortune. It is ready for them whose foot slips.
[6] The tents of robbers prosper. Those who provoke God are secure, who carry their god in their hands.
[7] “But ask the animals now, and they will teach you; the birds of the sky, and they will tell you.
[8] Or speak to the earth, and it will teach you. The fish of the sea will declare to you.
[9] Who doesn’t know that in all these, Yahweh’s hand has done this,
[10] in whose hand is the life of every living thing, and the breath of all mankind?
[11] Doesn’t the ear try words, even as the palate tastes its food?
[12] With aged men is wisdom, in length of days understanding.
[13] “With God is wisdom and might. He has counsel and understanding.
[14] Behold, he breaks down, and it can’t be built again. He imprisons a man, and there can be no release.
[15] Behold, he withholds the waters, and they dry up. Again, he sends them out, and they overturn the earth.
[16] With him is strength and wisdom. The deceived and the deceiver are his.
[17] He leads counselors away stripped. He makes judges fools.
[18] He loosens the bond of kings. He binds their waist with a belt.
[19] He leads priests away stripped, and overthrows the mighty.
[20] He removes the speech of those who are trusted, and takes away the understanding of the elders.
[21] He pours contempt on princes, and loosens the belt of the strong.
[22] He uncovers deep things out of darkness, and brings out to light the shadow of death.
[23] He increases the nations, and he destroys them. He enlarges the nations, and he leads them captive.
[24] He takes away understanding from the chiefs of the people of the earth, and causes them to wander in a wilderness where there is no way.
[25] They grope in the dark without light. He makes them stagger like a drunken man.

Scripture quotations are taken from The World English Bible™ of, 2020 stable text edition. It is in the public domain.

King James w/Strong’s #s

Job 12 (KJVS)

[1] And Job H347 answered H6030 (8799) and said H559 (8799),
[2] No doubt H551 but ye [are] the people H5971, and wisdom H2451 shall die H4191 (8799) with you.
[3] But H1571 I have understanding H3824 as well as you; I [am] not inferior H5307 (8802) to you: yea, who knoweth not such things H3644 as these?
[4] I am [as] one mocked H7814 of his neighbour H7453, who calleth H7121 (8802) upon God H433, and he answereth H6030 (8799) him: the just H6662 upright H8549 [man is] laughed to scorn H7814.
[5] He that is ready H3559 (8737) to slip H4571 (8802) with [his] feet H7272 [is as] a lamp H3940 despised H937 in the thought H6248 of him that is at ease H7600.
[6] The tabernacles H168 of robbers H7703 (8802) prosper H7951 (8799), and they that provoke H7264 (8688) God H410 are secure H987; into whose hand H3027 God H433 bringeth H935 (8689) [abundantly].
[7] But H199 ask H7592 (8798) now the beasts H929, and they shall teach H3384 (8686) thee; and the fowls H5775 of the air H8064, and they shall tell H5046 (8686) thee:
[8] Or speak H7878 (8798) to the earth H776, and it shall teach H3384 (8686) thee: and the fishes H1709 of the sea H3220 shall declare H5608 (8762) unto thee.
[9] Who knoweth H3045 (8804) not in all these that the hand H3027 of the LORD H3068 hath wrought H6213 (8804) this?
[10] In whose hand H3027 [is] the soul H5315 of every living thing H2416, and the breath H7307 of all mankind H376 H1320.
[11] Doth not the ear H241 try H974 (8799) words H4405? and the mouth H2441 taste H2938 (8799) his meat H400?
[12] With the ancient H3453 [is] wisdom H2451; and in length H753 of days H3117 understanding H8394.
[13] With him [is] wisdom H2451 and strength H1369, he hath counsel H6098 and understanding H8394.
[14] Behold, he breaketh down H2040 (8799), and it cannot be built again H1129 (8735): he shutteth up H5462 (8799) a man H376, and there can be no opening H6605 (8735).
[15] Behold, he withholdeth H6113 (8799) the waters H4325, and they dry up H3001 (8799): also he sendeth them out H7971 (8762), and they overturn H2015 (8799) the earth H776.
[16] With him [is] strength H5797 and wisdom H8454: the deceived H7683 (8802) and the deceiver H7686 (8688) [are] his.
[17] He leadeth H3212 (8688) counsellors H3289 (8802) away spoiled H7758, and maketh the judges H8199 (8802) fools H1984 (8779).
[18] He looseth H6605 (8765) the bond H4148 of kings H4428, and girdeth H631 (8799) their loins H4975 with a girdle H232.
[19] He leadeth H3212 (8688) princes H3548 away spoiled H7758, and overthroweth H5557 (8762) the mighty H386.
[20] He removeth away H5493 (8688) the speech H8193 of the trusty H539 (8737), and taketh away H3947 (8799) the understanding H2940 of the aged H2205.
[21] He poureth H8210 (8802) contempt H937 upon princes H5081, and weakeneth H7503 (8765) the strength H4206 of the mighty H650.
[22] He discovereth H1540 (8764) deep things H6013 out of darkness H2822, and bringeth out H3318 (8686) to light H216 the shadow of death H6757.
[23] He increaseth H7679 (8688) the nations H1471, and destroyeth H6 (8762) them: he enlargeth H7849 (8802) the nations H1471, and straiteneth H5148 (8686) them [again].
[24] He taketh away H5493 (8688) the heart H3820 of the chief H7218 of the people H5971 of the earth H776, and causeth them to wander H8582 (8686) in a wilderness H8414 [where there is] no way H1870.
[25] They grope H4959 (8762) in the dark H2822 without light H216, and he maketh them to stagger H8582 (8686) like [a] drunken H7910 [man].

Young’s Literal Translation

Job 12 (YLT)

[1] And Job answereth and saith:-
[2] Truly-ye are the people, And with you doth wisdom die.
[3] I also have a heart like you, I am not fallen more than you, And with whom is there not like these?
[4] A laughter to his friend I am: ‘He calleth to God, and He answereth him,’ A laughter is the perfect righteous one.
[5] A torch-despised in the thoughts of the secure Is prepared for those sliding with the feet.
[6] At peace are the tents of spoilers, And those provoking God have confidence, He into whose hand God hath brought.
[7] And yet, ask, I pray thee, One of the beasts, and it doth shew thee, And a fowl of the heavens, And it doth declare to thee.
[8] Or talk to the earth, and it sheweth thee, And fishes of the sea recount to thee:
[9] ‘Who hath not known in all these, That the hand of Jehovah hath done this?
[10] In whose hand is the breath of every living thing, And the spirit of all flesh of man.’
[11] Doth not the ear try words? And the palate taste food for itself?
[12] With the very aged is wisdom, And with length of days understanding.
[13] With Him are wisdom and might, To him are counsel and understanding.
[14] Lo, He breaketh down, and it is not built up, He shutteth against a man, And it is not opened.
[15] Lo, He keepeth in the waters, and they are dried up, And he sendeth them forth, And they overturn the land.
[16] With Him are strength and wisdom, His the deceived and deceiver.
[17] Causing counsellors to go away a spoil, And judges He maketh foolish.
[18] The bands of kings He hath opened, And He bindeth a girdle on their loins.
[19] Causing ministers to go away a spoil And strong ones He overthroweth.
[20] Turning aside the lip of the stedfast, And the reason of the aged He taketh away.
[21] Pouring contempt upon princes, And the girdle of the mighty He made feeble.
[22] Removing deep things out of darkness, And He bringeth out to light death-shade.
[23] Magnifying the nations, and He destroyeth them, Spreading out the nations, and He quieteth them.
[24] Turning aside the heart Of the heads of the people of the land, And he causeth them to wander In vacancy-no way!
[25] They feel darkness, and not light, He causeth them to wander as a drunkard.