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World English Bible

Job 37 (WEBP)

[1] “Yes, at this my heart trembles, and is moved out of its place.
[2] Hear, oh, hear the noise of his voice, the sound that goes out of his mouth.
[3] He sends it out under the whole sky, and his lightning to the ends of the earth.
[4] After it a voice roars. He thunders with the voice of his majesty. He doesn’t hold back anything when his voice is heard.
[5] God thunders marvelously with his voice. He does great things, which we can’t comprehend.
[6] For he says to the snow, ‘Fall on the earth,’ likewise to the shower of rain, and to the showers of his mighty rain.
[7] He seals up the hand of every man, that all men whom he has made may know it.
[8] Then the animals take cover, and remain in their dens.
[9] Out of its room comes the storm, and cold out of the north.
[10] By the breath of God, ice is given, and the width of the waters is frozen.
[11] Yes, he loads the thick cloud with moisture. He spreads abroad the cloud of his lightning.
[12] It is turned around by his guidance, that they may do whatever he commands them on the surface of the habitable world,
[13] whether it is for correction, or for his land, or for loving kindness, that he causes it to come.
[14] “Listen to this, Job. Stand still, and consider the wondrous works of God.
[15] Do you know how God controls them, and causes the lightning of his cloud to shine?
[16] Do you know the workings of the clouds, the wondrous works of him who is perfect in knowledge?
[17] You whose clothing is warm when the earth is still by reason of the south wind?
[18] Can you, with him, spread out the sky, which is strong as a cast metal mirror?
[19] Teach us what we will tell him, for we can’t make our case by reason of darkness.
[20] Will it be told him that I would speak? Or should a man wish that he were swallowed up?
[21] Now men don’t see the light which is bright in the skies, but the wind passes, and clears them.
[22] Out of the north comes golden splendor. With God is awesome majesty.
[23] We can’t reach the Almighty. He is exalted in power. In justice and great righteousness, he will not oppress.
[24] Therefore men revere him. He doesn’t regard any who are wise of heart.”

Scripture quotations are taken from The World English Bible™ of, 2020 stable text edition. It is in the public domain.

King James w/Strong’s #s

Job 37 (KJVS)

[1] At this also my heart trembleth (), and is moved out () of his place .
[2] Hear () attentively () the noise of his voice , and the sound [that] goeth out () of his mouth .
[3] He directeth () it () under the whole heaven , and his lightning unto the ends of the earth .
[4] After it a voice roareth (): he thundereth () with the voice of his excellency ; and he will not stay () them when his voice is heard ().
[5] God thundereth () marvellously () with his voice ; great things doeth () he, which we cannot comprehend ().
[6] For he saith () to the snow , Be thou () [on] the earth ; likewise to the small rain , and to the great rain of his strength .
[7] He sealeth up () the hand of every man ; that all men may know () his work .
[8] Then the beasts go () into dens , and remain () in their places .
[9] Out of the south cometh () the whirlwind : and cold out of the north .
[10] By the breath of God frost is given (): and the breadth of the waters is straitened .
[11] Also by watering he wearieth () the thick cloud : he scattereth () his bright cloud :
[12] And it is turned () round about by his counsels : that they may do whatsoever he commandeth () them upon the face of the world in the earth .
[13] He causeth it to come (), whether for correction , or for his land , or for mercy .
[14] Hearken () unto this, O Job : stand still (), and consider () the wondrous () works of God .
[15] Dost thou know () when God disposed () them, and caused the light of his cloud to shine ()?
[16] Dost thou know () the balancings of the clouds , the wondrous works of him which is perfect in knowledge ?
[17] How thy garments [are] warm , when he quieteth () the earth by the south [wind]?
[18] Hast thou with him spread out () the sky , [which is] strong , [and] as a molten () looking glass ?
[19] Teach () us what we shall say () unto him; [for] we cannot order () [our speech] by reason of darkness .
[20] Shall it be told () him that I speak ()? if a man speak (), surely he shall be swallowed up ().
[21] And now [men] see () not the bright light which [is] in the clouds : but the wind passeth (), and cleanseth () them.
[22] Fair weather cometh () out of the north : with God [is] terrible () majesty .
[23] [Touching] the Almighty , we cannot find him out (): [he is] excellent in power , and in judgment , and in plenty of justice : he will not afflict ().
[24] Men do therefore fear () him: he respecteth () not any [that are] wise of heart .

Young’s Literal Translation

Job 37 (YLT)

[1] Also, at this my heart trembleth, And it moveth from its place.
[2] Hearken diligently to the trembling of His voice, Yea, the sound from His mouth goeth forth.
[3] Under the whole heavens He directeth it, And its light is over the skirts of the earth.
[4] After it roar doth a voice- He thundereth with the voice of His excellency, And He doth not hold them back, When His voice is heard.
[5] God thundereth with His voice wonderfully, Doing great things and we know not.
[6] For to snow He saith, ‘Be on the earth.’ And the small rain and great rain of His power.
[7] Into the hand of every man he sealeth, For the knowledge by all men of His work.
[8] And enter doth the beast into covert, And in its habitations it doth continue.
[9] From the inner chamber cometh a hurricane, And from scatterings winds-cold,
[10] From the breath of God is frost given, And the breadth of waters is straitened,
[11] Yea, by filling He doth press out a cloud, Scatter a cloud doth His light.
[12] And it is turning itself round by His counsels, For their doing all He commandeth them, On the face of the habitable earth.
[13] Whether for a rod, or for His land, Or for kindness-He doth cause it to come.
[14] Hear this, O Job, Stand and consider the wonders of God.
[15] Dost thou know when God doth place them, And caused to shine the light of His cloud?
[16] Dost thou know the balancings of a cloud? The wonders of the Perfect in knowledge?
[17] How thy garments are warm, In the quieting of the earth from the south?
[18] Thou hast made an expanse with Him For the clouds-strong as a hard mirror!
[19] Let us know what we say to Him, We set not in array because of darkness.
[20] Is it declared to Him that I speak? If a man hath spoken, surely he is swallowed up.
[21] And now, they have not seen the light, Bright it is in the clouds, And the wind hath passed by and cleanseth them.
[22] From the golden north it cometh, Beside God is fearful honour.
[23] The Mighty! we have not found Him out, High in power and judgment, He doth not answer! And abundant in righteousness,
[24] Therefore do men fear Him, He seeth not any of the wise of heart.