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World English Bible

Job 21 (WEBP)

[1] Then Job answered,
[2] “Listen diligently to my speech. Let this be your consolation.
[3] Allow me, and I also will speak. After I have spoken, mock on.
[4] As for me, is my complaint to man? Why shouldn’t I be impatient?
[5] Look at me, and be astonished. Lay your hand on your mouth.
[6] When I remember, I am troubled. Horror takes hold of my flesh.
[7] “Why do the wicked live, become old, yes, and grow mighty in power?
[8] Their child is established with them in their sight, their offspring before their eyes.
[9] Their houses are safe from fear, neither is the rod of God upon them.
[10] Their bulls breed without fail. Their cows calve, and don’t miscarry.
[11] They send out their little ones like a flock. Their children dance.
[12] They sing to the tambourine and harp, and rejoice at the sound of the pipe.
[13] They spend their days in prosperity. In an instant they go down to Sheol.°
[14] They tell God, ‘Depart from us, for we don’t want to know about your ways.
[15] What is the Almighty, that we should serve him? What profit should we have, if we pray to him?’
[16] Behold, their prosperity is not in their hand. The counsel of the wicked is far from me.
[17] “How often is it that the lamp of the wicked is put out, that their calamity comes on them, that God distributes sorrows in his anger?
[18] How often is it that they are as stubble before the wind, as chaff that the storm carries away?
[19] You say, ‘God lays up his iniquity for his children.’ Let him recompense it to himself, that he may know it.
[20] Let his own eyes see his destruction. Let him drink of the wrath of the Almighty.
[21] For what does he care for his house after him, when the number of his months is cut off?
[22] “Shall any teach God knowledge, since he judges those who are high?
[23] One dies in his full strength, being wholly at ease and quiet.
[24] His pails are full of milk. The marrow of his bones is moistened.
[25] Another dies in bitterness of soul, and never tastes of good.
[26] They lie down alike in the dust. The worm covers them.
[27] “Behold, I know your thoughts, the plans with which you would wrong me.
[28] For you say, ‘Where is the house of the prince? Where is the tent in which the wicked lived?’
[29] Haven’t you asked wayfaring men? Don’t you know their evidences,
[30] that the evil man is reserved to the day of calamity, that they are led out to the day of wrath?
[31] Who will declare his way to his face? Who will repay him what he has done?
[32] Yet he will be borne to the grave. Men will keep watch over the tomb.
[33] The clods of the valley will be sweet to him. All men will draw after him, as there were innumerable before him.
[34] So how can you comfort me with nonsense, because in your answers there remains only falsehood?”

Job 21:13 Sheol is the place of the dead.

Scripture quotations are taken from The World English Bible™ of, 2020 stable text edition. It is in the public domain.

King James w/Strong’s #s

Job 21 (KJVS)

[1] But Job H347 answered H6030 (8799) and said H559 (8799),
[2] Hear H8085 (8798) diligently H8085 (8800) my speech H4405, and let this be your consolations H8575.
[3] Suffer H5375 (8798) me that I may speak H1696 (8762); and after H310 that I have spoken H1696 (8763), mock on H3932 (8686).
[4] As for me, [is] my complaint H7879 to man H120? and if [it were so], why should not my spirit H7307 be troubled H7114 (8799)?
[5] Mark H6437 (8798) me, and be astonished H8074 (8713), and lay H7760 (8798) [your] hand H3027 upon [your] mouth H6310.
[6] Even when I remember H2142 (8804) I am afraid H926 (8738), and trembling H6427 taketh hold on H270 (8804) my flesh H1320.
[7] Wherefore do the wicked H7563 live H2421 (8799), become old H6275 (8804), yea, are mighty H1396 (8804) in power H2428?
[8] Their seed H2233 is established H3559 (8737) in their sight H6440 with them, and their offspring H6631 before their eyes H5869.
[9] Their houses H1004 [are] safe H7965 from fear H6343, neither [is] the rod H7626 of God H433 upon them.
[10] Their bull H7794 gendereth H5674 (8765), and faileth H1602 (8686) not; their cow H6510 calveth H6403 (8762), and casteth not her calf H7921 (8762).
[11] They send forth H7971 (8762) their little ones H5759 like a flock H6629, and their children H3206 dance H7540 (8762).
[12] They take H5375 (8799) the timbrel H8596 and harp H3658, and rejoice H8055 (8799) at the sound H6963 of the organ H5748.
[13] They spend H3615 (8762) (8675) H1086 (8762) their days H3117 in wealth H2896, and in a moment H7281 go down H2865 (8735) (8676) H5181 (8799) to the grave H7585.
[14] Therefore they say H559 (8799) unto God H410, Depart H5493 (8798) from us; for we desire H2654 (8804) not the knowledge H1847 of thy ways H1870.
[15] What [is] the Almighty H7706, that we should serve H5647 (8799) him? and what profit H3276 (8686) should we have, if we pray H6293 (8799) unto him?
[16] Lo, their good H2898 [is] not in their hand H3027: the counsel H6098 of the wicked H7563 is far H7368 (8804) from me.
[17] How oft is the candle H5216 of the wicked H7563 put out H1846 (8799)! and [how oft] cometh H935 (8799) their destruction H343 upon them! [God] distributeth H2505 (8762) sorrows H2256 in his anger H639.
[18] They are as stubble H8401 before H6440 the wind H7307, and as chaff H4671 that the storm H5492 carrieth away H1589 (8804).
[19] God H433 layeth up H6845 (8799) his iniquity H205 for his children H1121: he rewardeth H7999 (8762) him, and he shall know H3045 (8799) [it].
[20] His eyes H5869 shall see H7200 (8799) his destruction H3589, and he shall drink H8354 (8799) of the wrath H2534 of the Almighty H7706.
[21] For what pleasure H2656 [hath] he in his house H1004 after H310 him, when the number H4557 of his months H2320 is cut off in the midst H2686 (8795)?
[22] Shall [any] teach H3925 (8762) God H410 knowledge H1847? seeing he judgeth H8199 (8799) those that are high H7311 (8802).
[23] One dieth H4191 (8799) in his full H8537 strength H6106, being wholly at ease H7946 and quiet H7961.
[24] His breasts H5845 are full H4390 (8804) of milk H2461, and his bones H6106 are moistened H8248 (8792) with marrow H4221.
[25] And another dieth H4191 (8799) in the bitterness H4751 of his soul H5315, and never eateth H398 (8804) with pleasure H2896.
[26] They shall lie down H7901 (8799) alike H3162 in the dust H6083, and the worms H7415 shall cover H3680 (8762) them.
[27] Behold, I know H3045 (8804) your thoughts H4284, and the devices H4209 [which] ye wrongfully imagine H2554 (8799) against me.
[28] For ye say H559 (8799), Where [is] the house H1004 of the prince H5081? and where [are] the dwelling H4908 places H168 of the wicked H7563?
[29] Have ye not asked H7592 (8804) them that go H5674 (8802) by the way H1870? and do ye not know H5234 (8762) their tokens H226,
[30] That the wicked H7451 is reserved H2820 (8735) to the day H3117 of destruction H343? they shall be brought forth H2986 (8714) to the day H3117 of wrath H5678.
[31] Who shall declare H5046 (8686) his way H1870 to his face H6440? and who shall repay H7999 (8762) him [what] he hath done H6213 (8804)?
[32] Yet shall he be brought H2986 (8714) to the grave H6913, and shall remain H8245 (8799) in the tomb H1430.
[33] The clods H7263 of the valley H5158 shall be sweet H4985 (8804) unto him, and every man H120 shall draw H4900 (8799) after H310 him, as [there are] innumerable H4557 before H6440 him.
[34] How then comfort H5162 (8762) ye me in vain H1892, seeing in your answers H8666 there remaineth H7604 (8738) falsehood H4604?

Young’s Literal Translation

Job 21 (YLT)

[1] And Job answereth and saith:-
[2] Hear ye diligently my word, And this is your consolation.
[3] Bear with me, and I speak, And after my speaking-ye may deride.
[4] I-to man is my complaint? and if so, wherefore May not my temper become short?
[5] Turn unto me, and be astonished, And put hand to mouth.
[6] Yea, if I have remembered, then I have been troubled. And my flesh hath taken fright.
[7] Wherefore do the wicked live? They have become old, Yea, they have been mighty in wealth.
[8] Their seed is established, Before their face with them, And their offspring before their eyes.
[9] Their houses are peace without fear, Nor is a rod of God upon them.
[10] His bullock hath eaten corn, and doth not loath. His cow bringeth forth safely, And doth not miscarry.
[11] They send forth as a flock their sucklings, And their children skip,
[12] They lift themselves up at timbrel and harp, And rejoice at the sound of an organ.
[13] They wear out in good their days, And in a moment to Sheol go down.
[14] And they say to God, ‘Turn aside from us, And the knowledge of Thy ways We have not desired.
[15] What is the Mighty One that we serve Him? And what do we profit when we meet with Him?’
[16] Lo, not in their hand is their good, (The counsel of the wicked Hath been far from me.)
[17] How oft is the lamp of the wicked extinguished, And come on them doth their calamity? Pangs He apportioneth in His anger.
[18] They are as straw before wind, And as chaff a hurricane hath stolen away,
[19] God layeth up for his sons his sorrow, He giveth recompense unto him-and he knoweth.
[20] His own eyes see his destruction, And of the wrath of the Mighty he drinketh.
[21] For what is his delight in his house after him, And the number of his months cut off?
[22] To God doth one teach knowledge, And He the high doth judge?
[23] This one dieth in his perfect strength, Wholly at ease and quiet.
[24] His breasts have been full of milk, And marrow his bones doth moisten.
[25] And this one dieth with a bitter soul, And have not eaten with gladness.
[26] Together-on the dust they lie down, And the worm doth cover them over.
[27] Lo, I have known your thoughts, And the devices against me ye do wrongfully.
[28] For ye say, ‘Where is the house of the noble? And where the tent-The tabernacles of the wicked?’
[29] Have ye not asked those passing by the way? And their signs do ye not know?
[30] That to a day of calamity is the wicked spared. To a day of wrath they are brought.
[31] Who doth declare to his face his way? And for that which he hath done, Who doth give recompence to him?
[32] And he-to the graves he is brought. And over the heap a watch is kept.
[33] Sweet to him have been the clods of the valley, And after him every man he draweth, And before him there is no numbering.
[34] And how do ye comfort me with vanity, And in your answers hath been left trespass?