Messianic Prophecies EGP Blog post from August 25, 2012

Jesus is the Messiah prophesied in the Old Testament. The New Testament often states that He fulfilled one of those prophesies, but doesn’t always say that or where it was prophesied. Check out a list of many of those Old Testament Messianic prophecies and their New Testament fulfillment:




A vesture dipped in blood
Afflicted with the afflicted
Anointed to preach liberty
Another to succeed Judas
Blessing to firstborn son
Blessing to nations
Conceived by the Holy Spirit
Crucified with transgressors
Death swallowed up in victory
Earth filled with knowledge of the glory of the Lord
Flight into Egypt
Hands and feet pierced
Hated without reason
He commits His spirit
He speaks in parables
“I come to do Thy will”
King of kings, Lord of lords
Known for rightousness
Money buys potter’s field
Nations walk in the light
Of the tribe of Judah
Our sins purged
Piercing of His body
Prays for His enemies
Preceded by a forerunner
Repentance for the nations
Restoration of the tabernacle
Serpent in wilderness
Shepherd smitten–sheep scattered
Silent when accused
Sold for thirty pieces of silver
Stone cut without hands
Stung by reproaches
The deaf hear, the blind see
The humble exalted
The King comes in the name of the Lord
The kingdom established
Through Noah’s sons