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World English Bible

Psalm 41 (WEBP)

[1] Blessed is he who considers the poor. Yahweh will deliver him in the day of evil.
[2] Yahweh will preserve him, and keep him alive. He shall be blessed on the earth, and he will not surrender him to the will of his enemies.
[3] Yahweh will sustain him on his sickbed, and restore him from his bed of illness.
[4] I said, “Yahweh, have mercy on me! Heal me, for I have sinned against you.”
[5] My enemies speak evil against me: “When will he die, and his name perish?”
[6] If he comes to see me, he speaks falsehood. His heart gathers iniquity to itself. When he goes abroad, he tells it.
[7] All who hate me whisper together against me. They imagine the worst for me.
[8] “An evil disease”, they say, “has afflicted him. Now that he lies he shall rise up no more.”
[9] Yes, my own familiar friend, in whom I trusted, who ate bread with me, has lifted up his heel against me.
[10] But you, Yahweh, have mercy on me, and raise me up, that I may repay them.
[11] By this I know that you delight in me, because my enemy doesn’t triumph over me.
[12] As for me, you uphold me in my integrity, and set me in your presence forever.
[13] Blessed be Yahweh, the God of Israel, from everlasting and to everlasting! Amen and amen.

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King James w/Strong’s #s

Psalm 41 (KJVS)

[1] «To the chief Musician H5329 (8764), A Psalm H4210 of David H1732.» Blessed H835 [is] he that considereth H7919 (8688) the poor H1800: the LORD H3068 will deliver H4422 (8762) him in time H3117 of trouble H7451.
[2] The LORD H3068 will preserve H8104 (8799) him, and keep him alive H2421 (8762); [and] he shall be blessed H833 (8795) upon the earth H776: and thou wilt not deliver H5414 (8799) him unto the will H5315 of his enemies H341 (8802).
[3] The LORD H3068 will strengthen H5582 (8799) him upon the bed H6210 of languishing H1741: thou wilt make H2015 (8804) all his bed H4904 in his sickness H2483.
[4] I said H559 (8804), LORD H3068, be merciful H2603 (8798) unto me: heal H7495 (8798) my soul H5315; for I have sinned H2398 (8804) against thee.
[5] Mine enemies H341 (8802) speak H559 (8799) evil H7451 of me, When shall he die H4191 (8799), and his name H8034 perish H6 (8804)?
[6] And if he come H935 (8804) to see H7200 (8800) [me], he speaketh H1696 (8762) vanity H7723: his heart H3820 gathereth H6908 (8799) iniquity H205 to itself; [when] he goeth H3318 (8799) abroad H2351, he telleth H1696 (8762) [it].
[7] All that hate H8130 (8802) me whisper H3907 (8691) together H3162 against me: against me do they devise H2803 (8799) my hurt H7451.
[8] An evil H1100 disease H1697, [say they], cleaveth fast H3332 (8803) unto him: and [now] that he lieth H7901 (8804) he shall rise up H6965 (8800) no more H3254 (8686).
[9] Yea, mine own familiar H7965 friend H376, in whom I trusted H982 (8804), which did eat H398 (8802) of my bread H3899, hath lifted up H1431 (8689) [his] heel H6119 against me.
[10] But thou, O LORD H3068, be merciful H2603 (8798) unto me, and raise me up H6965 (8685), that I may requite H7999 (8762) them.
[11] By this I know H3045 (8804) that thou favourest H2654 (8804) me, because mine enemy H341 (8802) doth not triumph H7321 (8686) over me.
[12] And as for me, thou upholdest H8551 (8804) me in mine integrity H8537, and settest H5324 (8686) me before thy face H6440 for ever H5769.
[13] Blessed H1288 (8803) [be] the LORD H3068 God H430 of Israel H3478 from everlasting H5769, and to everlasting H5769. Amen H543, and Amen H543.

Young’s Literal Translation

Psalm 41 (YLT)

[1] O the happiness of him Who is acting wisely unto the poor, In a day of evil doth Jehovah deliver him.
[2] Jehovah doth preserve him and revive him, He is happy in the land, And Thou givest him not into the will of his enemies.
[3] Jehovah supporteth on a couch of sickness, All his bed Thou hast turned in his weakness.
[4] I-I said, ‘O Jehovah, favour me, Heal my soul, for I did sin against Thee,’
[5] Mine enemies say evil of me: When he dieth-his name hath perished!
[6] And if he came to see-vanity he speaketh, His heart gathereth iniquity to itself, He goeth out-at the street he speaketh.
[7] All hating me whisper together against me, Against me they devise evil to me:
[8] A thing of Belial is poured out on him, And because he lay down he riseth not again.
[9] Even mine ally, in whom I trusted, One eating my bread, made great the heel against me,
[10] And Thou, Jehovah, favour me, And cause me to rise, And I give recompence to them.
[11] By this I have known, That Thou hast delighted in me, Because my enemy shouteth not over me.
[12] As to me, in mine integrity, Thou hast taken hold upon me, And causest me to stand before Thee to the age.
[13] Blessed is Jehovah, God of Israel, From the age-and unto the age. Amen and Amen.