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World English Bible

Psalm 75 (WEBP)

[1] We give thanks to you, God. We give thanks, for your Name is near. Men tell about your wondrous works.
[2] When I choose the appointed time, I will judge blamelessly.
[3] The earth and all its inhabitants quake. I firmly hold its pillars. Selah.
[4] I said to the arrogant, “Don’t boast!” I said to the wicked, “Don’t lift up the horn.
[5] Don’t lift up your horn on high. Don’t speak with a stiff neck.”
[6] For neither from the east, nor from the west, nor yet from the south, comes exaltation.
[7] But God is the judge. He puts down one, and lifts up another.
[8] For in Yahweh’s hand there is a cup, full of foaming wine mixed with spices. He pours it out. Indeed the wicked of the earth drink and drink it to its very dregs.
[9] But I will declare this forever: I will sing praises to the God of Jacob.
[10] I will cut off all the horns of the wicked, but the horns of the righteous shall be lifted up.

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King James w/Strong’s #s

Psalm 75 (KJVS)

[1] «To the chief Musician H5329 (8764), Altaschith H516 (8686), A Psalm H4210 [or] Song H7892 of Asaph H623.» Unto thee, O God H430, do we give thanks H3034 (8689), [unto thee] do we give thanks H3034 (8689): for [that] thy name H8034 is near H7138 thy wondrous works H6381 (8737) declare H5608 (8765).
[2] When I shall receive H3947 (8799) the congregation H4150 I will judge H8199 (8799) uprightly H4339.
[3] The earth H776 and all the inhabitants H3427 (8802) thereof are dissolved H4127 (8737): I bear up H8505 (8765) the pillars H5982 of it. Selah H5542.
[4] I said H559 (8804) unto the fools H1984 (8802), Deal not foolishly H1984 (8799): and to the wicked H7563, Lift not up H7311 (8686) the horn H7161:
[5] Lift not up H7311 (8686) your horn H7161 on high H4791: speak H1696 (8762) [not with] a stiff H6277 neck H6677.
[6] For promotion H7311 (8687) (8676) H2022 [cometh] neither from the east H4161, nor from the west H4628, nor from the south H4057.
[7] But God H430 [is] the judge H8199 (8802): he putteth down H8213 (8686) one, and setteth up H7311 (8686) another.
[8] For in the hand H3027 of the LORD H3068 [there is] a cup H3563, and the wine H3196 is red H2560 (8804); it is full H4392 of mixture H4538; and he poureth out H5064 (8686) of the same H2088: but the dregs H8105 thereof, all the wicked H7563 of the earth H776 shall wring [them] out H4680 (8799), [and] drink H8354 (8799) [them].
[9] But I will declare H5046 (8686) for ever H5769; I will sing praises H2167 (8762) to the God H430 of Jacob H3290.
[10] All the horns H7161 of the wicked H7563 also will I cut off H1438 (8762); [but] the horns H7161 of the righteous H6662 shall be exalted H7311 (8783).

Young’s Literal Translation

Psalm 75 (YLT)

[1] We have given thanks to Thee, O God, We have given thanks, and near is Thy name, They have recounted Thy wonders.
[2] When I receive an appointment, I-I do judge uprightly.
[3] Melted is the earth and all its inhabitants, I-I have pondered its pillars. Selah.
[4] I have said to the boastful, ‘Be not boastful,’ And to the wicked, ‘Raise not up a horn.’
[5] Raise not up on high your horn, (Ye speak with a stiff neck.)
[6] For not from the east, or from the west, Nor from the wilderness-is elevation.
[7] But God is judge, This He maketh low-and this He lifteth up.
[8] For a cup is in the hand of Jehovah, And the wine hath foamed, It is full of mixture, and He poureth out of it, Only its dregs wring out, and drink, Do all the wicked of the earth,
[9] And I-I declare it to the age, I sing praise to the God of Jacob.
[10] And all horns of the wicked I cut off, Exalted are the horns of the righteous!