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World English Bible

Psalm 85 (WEBP)

[1] Yahweh, you have been favorable to your land. You have restored the fortunes of Jacob.
[2] You have forgiven the iniquity of your people. You have covered all their sin. Selah.
[3] You have taken away all your wrath. You have turned from the fierceness of your anger.
[4] Turn us, God of our salvation, and cause your indignation toward us to cease.
[5] Will you be angry with us forever? Will you draw out your anger to all generations?
[6] Won’t you revive us again, that your people may rejoice in you?
[7] Show us your loving kindness, Yahweh. Grant us your salvation.
[8] I will hear what God, Yahweh, will speak, for he will speak peace to his people, his saints; but let them not turn again to folly.
[9] Surely his salvation is near those who fear him, that glory may dwell in our land.
[10] Mercy and truth meet together. Righteousness and peace have kissed each other.
[11] Truth springs out of the earth. Righteousness has looked down from heaven.
[12] Yes, Yahweh will give that which is good. Our land will yield its increase.
[13] Righteousness goes before him, and prepares the way for his steps.

Scripture quotations are taken from The World English Bible™ of, 2020 stable text edition. It is in the public domain.

King James w/Strong’s #s

Psalm 85 (KJVS)

[1] «To the chief Musician H5329 (8764), A Psalm H4210 for the sons H1121 of Korah H7141.» LORD H3068, thou hast been favourable H7521 (8804) unto thy land H776: thou hast brought back H7725 (8804) the captivity H7622 (8675) H7622 of Jacob H3290.
[2] Thou hast forgiven H5375 (8804) the iniquity H5771 of thy people H5971, thou hast covered H3680 (8765) all their sin H2403. Selah H5542.
[3] Thou hast taken away H622 (8804) all thy wrath H5678: thou hast turned H7725 (8689) [thyself] from the fierceness H2740 of thine anger H639.
[4] Turn H7725 (8798) us, O God H430 of our salvation H3468, and cause thine anger H3708 toward us to cease H6565 (8685).
[5] Wilt thou be angry H599 (8799) with us for ever H5769? wilt thou draw out H4900 (8799) thine anger H639 to all H1755 generations H1755?
[6] Wilt thou not revive H2421 (8762) us again H7725 (8799): that thy people H5971 may rejoice H8055 (8799) in thee?
[7] Shew H7200 (8685) us thy mercy H2617, O LORD H3068, and grant H5414 (8799) us thy salvation H3468.
[8] I will hear H8085 (8799) what God H410 the LORD H3068 will speak H1696 (8762): for he will speak H1696 (8762) peace H7965 unto his people H5971, and to his saints H2623: but let them not turn again H7725 (8799) to folly H3690.
[9] Surely his salvation H3468 [is] nigh H7138 them that fear H3373 him; that glory H3519 may dwell H7931 (8800) in our land H776.
[10] Mercy H2617 and truth H571 are met together H6298 (8738); righteousness H6664 and peace H7965 have kissed H5401 (8804) [each other].
[11] Truth H571 shall spring out H6779 (8799) of the earth H776; and righteousness H6664 shall look down H8259 (8738) from heaven H8064.
[12] Yea, the LORD H3068 shall give H5414 (8799) [that which is] good H2896; and our land H776 shall yield H5414 (8799) her increase H2981.
[13] Righteousness H6664 shall go H1980 (8762) before H6440 him; and shall set H7760 (8799) [us] in the way H1870 of his steps H6471.

Young’s Literal Translation

Psalm 85 (YLT)

[1] Thou hast accepted, O Jehovah, Thy land, Thou hast turned to the captivity of Jacob.
[2] Thou hast borne away the iniquity of Thy people, Thou hast covered all their sin. Selah.
[3] Thou hast gathered up all Thy wrath, Thou hast turned back from the fierceness of Thine anger.
[4] Turn back to us, O God of our salvation, And make void Thine anger with us.
[5] To the age art Thou angry against us? Dost Thou draw out Thine anger To generation and generation?
[6] Dost Thou not turn back? Thou revivest us, And Thy people do rejoice in Thee.
[7] Show us, O Jehovah, thy kindness, And Thy salvation Thou dost give to us.
[8] I hear what God Jehovah speaketh, For He speaketh peace unto His people, And unto His saints, and they turn not back to folly.
[9] Only, near to those fearing Him is His salvation, That honour may dwell in our land.
[10] Kindness and truth have met, Righteousness and peace have kissed,
[11] Truth from the earth springeth up, And righteousness from heaven looketh out,
[12] Jehovah also giveth that which is good, And our land doth give its increase.
[13] Righteousness before Him goeth, And maketh His footsteps for a way!