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World English Bible

Psalm 5 (WEBP)

[1] Give ear to my words, Yahweh. Consider my meditation.
[2] Listen to the voice of my cry, my King and my God, for I pray to you.
[3] Yahweh, in the morning you will hear my voice. In the morning I will lay my requests before you, and will watch expectantly.
[4] For you are not a God who has pleasure in wickedness. Evil can’t live with you.
[5] The arrogant will not stand in your sight. You hate all workers of iniquity.
[6] You will destroy those who speak lies. Yahweh abhors the bloodthirsty and deceitful man.
[7] But as for me, in the abundance of your loving kindness I will come into your house. I will bow toward your holy temple in reverence of you.
[8] Lead me, Yahweh, in your righteousness because of my enemies. Make your way straight before my face.
[9] For there is no faithfulness in their mouth. Their heart is destruction. Their throat is an open tomb. They flatter with their tongue.
[10] Hold them guilty, God. Let them fall by their own counsels. Thrust them out in the multitude of their transgressions, for they have rebelled against you.
[11] But let all those who take refuge in you rejoice. Let them always shout for joy, because you defend them. Let them also who love your name be joyful in you.
[12] For you will bless the righteous. Yahweh, you will surround him with favor as with a shield.

Scripture quotations are taken from The World English Bible™ of, 2020 stable text edition. It is in the public domain.

King James w/Strong’s #s

Psalm 5 (KJVS)

[1] «To the chief Musician H5329 (8764) upon Nehiloth H5155, A Psalm H4210 of David H1732.» Give ear H238 (8685) to my words H561, O LORD H3068, consider H995 (8798) my meditation H1901.
[2] Hearken H7181 (8685) unto the voice H6963 of my cry H7773, my King H4428, and my God H430: for unto thee will I pray H6419 (8691).
[3] My voice H6963 shalt thou hear H8085 (8799) in the morning H1242, O LORD H3068; in the morning H1242 will I direct H6186 (8799) [my prayer] unto thee, and will look up H6822 (8762).
[4] For thou [art] not a God H410 that hath pleasure H2655 in wickedness H7562: neither shall evil H7451 dwell H1481 (8799) with thee.
[5] The foolish H1984 (8802) shall not stand H3320 (8691) in thy sight H5869: thou hatest H8130 (8804) all workers H6466 (8802) of iniquity H205.
[6] Thou shalt destroy H6 (8762) them that speak H1696 (8802) leasing H3577: the LORD H3068 will abhor H8581 (8762) the bloody H1818 and deceitful H4820 man H376.
[7] But as for me, I will come H935 (8799) [into] thy house H1004 in the multitude H7230 of thy mercy H2617: [and] in thy fear H3374 will I worship H7812 (8691) toward thy holy H6944 temple H1964.
[8] Lead H5148 (8798) me, O LORD H3068, in thy righteousness H6666 because of mine enemies H8324 (8802); make thy way H1870 straight H3474 (8685) before my face H6440.
[9] For [there is] no faithfulness H3559 (8737) in their mouth H6310; their inward H7130 part [is] very wickedness H1942; their throat H1627 [is] an open H6605 (8803) sepulchre H6913; they flatter H2505 (8686) with their tongue H3956.
[10] Destroy H816 (8685) thou them, O God H430; let them fall H5307 (8799) by their own counsels H4156; cast them out H5080 (8685) in the multitude H7230 of their transgressions H6588; for they have rebelled H4784 (8804) against thee.
[11] But let all those that put their trust H2620 (8802) in thee rejoice H8055 (8799): let them ever H5769 shout for joy H7442 (8762), because thou defendest H5526 (8686) them: let them also that love H157 (8802) thy name H8034 be joyful H5970 (8799) in thee.
[12] For thou, LORD H3068, wilt bless H1288 (8762) the righteous H6662; with favour H7522 wilt thou compass H5849 (8799) him as [with] a shield H6793.

Young’s Literal Translation

Psalm 5 (YLT)

[1] My sayings hear, O Jehovah, Consider my meditation.
[2] Be attentive to the voice of my cry, My king and my God, For unto Thee I pray habitually.
[3] Jehovah, at morning Thou hearest my voice, At morning I set in array for Thee, And I look out.
[4] For not a God desiring wickedness art Thou, Evil inhabiteth Thee not.
[5] The boastful station not themselves before Thine eyes: Thou hast hated all working iniquity.
[6] Thou destroyest those speaking lies, A man of blood and deceit Jehovah doth abominate.
[7] And I, in the abundance of Thy kindness, I enter Thy house, I bow myself toward Thy holy temple in Thy fear.
[8] O Jehovah, lead me in Thy righteousness, Because of those observing me, Make straight before me Thy way,
[9] For there is no stability in their mouth. Their heart is mischiefs, An open grave is their throat, Their tongue they make smooth.
[10] Declare them guilty, O God, Let them fall from their own counsels, In the abundance of their transgressions Drive them away, Because they have rebelled against Thee.
[11] And rejoice do all trusting in Thee, To the age they sing, and Thou coverest them over, And those loving Thy name exult in Thee.
[12] For Thou blessest the righteous, O Jehovah, As a buckler with favour dost compass him!