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World English Bible

Psalm 71 (WEBP)

[1] In you, Yahweh, I take refuge. Never let me be disappointed.
[2] Deliver me in your righteousness, and rescue me. Turn your ear to me, and save me.
[3] Be to me a rock of refuge to which I may always go. Give the command to save me, for you are my rock and my fortress.
[4] Rescue me, my God, from the hand of the wicked, from the hand of the unrighteous and cruel man.
[5] For you are my hope, Lord Yahweh, my confidence from my youth.
[6] I have relied on you from the womb. You are he who took me out of my mother’s womb. I will always praise you.
[7] I am a marvel to many, but you are my strong refuge.
[8] My mouth shall be filled with your praise, with your honor all day long.
[9] Don’t reject me in my old age. Don’t forsake me when my strength fails.
[10] For my enemies talk about me. Those who watch for my soul conspire together,
[11] saying, “God has forsaken him. Pursue and take him, for no one will rescue him.”
[12] God, don’t be far from me. My God, hurry to help me.
[13] Let my accusers be disappointed and consumed. Let them be covered with disgrace and scorn who want to harm me.
[14] But I will always hope, and will add to all of your praise.
[15] My mouth will tell about your righteousness, and of your salvation all day, though I don’t know its full measure.
[16] I will come with the mighty acts of the Lord Yahweh. I will make mention of your righteousness, even of yours alone.
[17] God, you have taught me from my youth. Until now, I have declared your wondrous works.
[18] Yes, even when I am old and gray-haired, God, don’t forsake me, until I have declared your strength to the next generation, your might to everyone who is to come.
[19] God, your righteousness also reaches to the heavens. You have done great things. God, who is like you?
[20] You, who have shown us many and bitter troubles, you will let me live. You will bring us up again from the depths of the earth.
[21] Increase my honor and comfort me again.
[22] I will also praise you with the harp for your faithfulness, my God. I sing praises to you with the lyre, Holy One of Israel.
[23] My lips shall shout for joy! My soul, which you have redeemed, sings praises to you!
[24] My tongue will also talk about your righteousness all day long, for they are disappointed, and they are confounded, who want to harm me.

Scripture quotations are taken from The World English Bible™ of, 2020 stable text edition. It is in the public domain.

King James w/Strong’s #s

Psalm 71 (KJVS)

[1] In thee, O LORD H3068, do I put my trust H2620 (8804): let me never H408 H5769 be put to confusion H954 (8799).
[2] Deliver H5337 (8686) me in thy righteousness H6666, and cause me to escape H6403 (8762): incline H5186 (8685) thine ear H241 unto me, and save H3467 (8685) me.
[3] Be thou my strong H6697 habitation H4583, whereunto I may continually H8548 resort H935 (8800): thou hast given commandment H6680 (8765) to save H3467 (8687) me; for thou [art] my rock H5553 and my fortress H4686.
[4] Deliver H6403 (8761) me, O my God H430, out of the hand H3027 of the wicked H7563, out of the hand H3709 of the unrighteous H5765 (8764) and cruel man H2556 (8802).
[5] For thou [art] my hope H8615, O Lord H136 GOD H3069: [thou art] my trust H4009 from my youth H5271.
[6] By thee have I been holden up H5564 (8738) from the womb H990: thou art he that took H1491 (8802) me out of my mother’s H517 bowels H4578: my praise H8416 [shall be] continually H8548 of thee.
[7] I am as a wonder H4159 unto many H7227; but thou [art] my strong H5797 refuge H4268.
[8] Let my mouth H6310 be filled H4390 (8735) [with] thy praise H8416 [and with] thy honour H8597 all the day H3117.
[9] Cast me not off H7993 (8686) in the time H6256 of old age H2209; forsake H5800 (8799) me not when my strength H3581 faileth H3615 (8800).
[10] For mine enemies H341 (8802) speak H559 (8804) against me; and they that lay wait H8104 (8802) for my soul H5315 take counsel H3289 (8738) together H3162,
[11] Saying H559 (8800), God H430 hath forsaken H5800 (8804) him: persecute H7291 (8798) and take H8610 (8798) him; for [there is] none to deliver H5337 (8688) [him].
[12] O God H430, be not far H7368 (8799) from me: O my God H430, make haste H2363 (8798) (8675) H2439 for my help H5833.
[13] Let them be confounded H954 (8799) [and] consumed H3615 (8799) that are adversaries H7853 (8802) to my soul H5315; let them be covered H5844 (8799) [with] reproach H2781 and dishonour H3639 that seek H1245 (8764) my hurt H7451.
[14] But I will hope H3176 (8762) continually H8548, and will yet praise H8416 thee more H3254 (8689) and more H3254 (8689).
[15] My mouth H6310 shall shew forth H5608 (8762) thy righteousness H6666 [and] thy salvation H8668 all the day H3117; for I know H3045 (8804) not the numbers H5615 [thereof].
[16] I will go in H935 (8799) the strength H1369 of the Lord H136 GOD H3069: I will make mention H2142 (8686) of thy righteousness H6666, [even] of thine only.
[17] O God H430, thou hast taught H3925 (8765) me from my youth H5271: and hitherto have I declared H5046 (8686) thy wondrous works H6381 (8737).
[18] Now also when H5704 I am old H2209 and grayheaded H7872, O God H430, forsake H5800 (8799) me not; until I have shewed H5046 (8686) thy strength H2220 unto [this] generation H1755, [and] thy power H1369 to every one [that] is to come H935 (8799).
[19] Thy righteousness H6666 also, O God H430, [is] very high H4791, who hast done H6213 (8804) great things H1419: O God H430, who [is] like unto thee!
[20] [Thou], which hast shewed H7200 (8689) me great H7227 and sore H7451 troubles H6869, shalt quicken H2421 (8762) me again H7725 (8799), and shalt bring me up H5927 (8686) again H7725 (8799) from the depths H8415 of the earth H776.
[21] Thou shalt increase H7235 (8686) my greatness H1420, and comfort H5162 (8762) me on every side H5437 (8735).
[22] I will also praise H3034 (8686) thee with the psaltery H3627 (8676) H5035, [even] thy truth H571, O my God H430: unto thee will I sing H2167 (8762) with the harp H3658, O thou Holy One H6918 of Israel H3478.
[23] My lips H8193 shall greatly rejoice H7442 (8762) when I sing H2167 (8762) unto thee; and my soul H5315, which thou hast redeemed H6299 (8804).
[24] My tongue H3956 also shall talk H1897 (8799) of thy righteousness H6666 all the day H3117 long: for they are confounded H954 (8804), for they are brought unto shame H2659 (8804), that seek H1245 (8764) my hurt H7451.

Young’s Literal Translation

Psalm 71 (YLT)

[1] In Thee, O Jehovah, I have trusted, Let me not be ashamed to the age.
[2] In Thy righteousness Thou dost deliver me, And dost cause me to escape, Incline unto me Thine ear, and save me.
[3] Be to me for a rock-a habitation, To go in continually, Thou hast given command to save me, For my rock and my bulwark art Thou.
[4] O my God, cause me to escape From the hand of the wicked, From the hand of the perverse and violent.
[5] For Thou art my hope, O Lord Jehovah, My trust from my youth.
[6] By Thee I have been supported from the womb, From my mother’s bowels Thou dost cut me out, In Thee is my praise continually.
[7] As a wonder I have been to many, And Thou art my strong refuge.
[8] Filled is my mouth with Thy praise, All the day with Thy beauty.
[9] Cast me not off at the time of old age, According to the consumption of my power forsake me not.
[10] For mine enemies have spoken against me, And those watching my soul have taken counsel together,
[11] Saying, ‘God hath forsaken him, Pursue and catch him, for there is no deliverer.’
[12] O God, be not far from me, O my God, for my help make haste.
[13] They are ashamed, they are consumed, Who are opposing my soul, They are covered with reproach and blushing, who are seeking my evil,
[14] And I continually do wait with hope, And have added unto all Thy praise.
[15] My mouth recounteth Thy righteousness, All the day Thy salvation, For I have not known the numbers.
[16] I come in the might of the Lord Jehovah, I mention Thy righteousness-Thine only.
[17] God, Thou hast taught me from my youth, And hitherto I declare Thy wonders.
[18] And also unto old age and grey hairs, O God, forsake me not, T ll I declare Thy strength to a generation, To every one that cometh Thy might.
[19] And Thy righteousness, O God, is unto the heights, Because Thou hast done great things, O God, who is like Thee?
[20] Because Thou hast showed me many and sad distresses, Thou turnest back-Thou revivest me, And from the depths of the earth, Thou turnest back-Thou bringest me up.
[21] Thou dost increase my greatness, And Thou surroundest-Thou comfortest me,
[22] I also thank Thee with a vessel of psaltery, Thy truth, O my God, I sing to Thee with a harp, O Holy One of Israel,
[23] My lips cry aloud when I sing praise to Thee, And my soul that Thou hast redeemed,
[24] My tongue also all the day uttereth Thy righteousness, Because ashamed-because confounded, Have been those seeking my evil!