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World English Bible

Psalm 138 (WEBP)

[1] I will give you thanks with my whole heart. Before the gods,§ I will sing praises to you.
[2] I will bow down toward your holy temple, and give thanks to your Name for your loving kindness and for your truth; for you have exalted your Name and your Word above all.
[3] In the day that I called, you answered me. You encouraged me with strength in my soul.
[4] All the kings of the earth will give you thanks, Yahweh, for they have heard the words of your mouth.
[5] Yes, they will sing of the ways of Yahweh, for Yahweh’s glory is great!
[6] For though Yahweh is high, yet he looks after the lowly; but he knows the proud from afar.
[7] Though I walk in the middle of trouble, you will revive me. You will stretch out your hand against the wrath of my enemies. Your right hand will save me.
[8] Yahweh will fulfill that which concerns me. Your loving kindness, Yahweh, endures forever. Don’t forsake the works of your own hands.

Psalm 138:1 The word elohim, used here, usually means “God” but can also mean “gods”, “princes”, or “angels”.

Scripture quotations are taken from The World English Bible™ of, 2020 stable text edition. It is in the public domain.

King James w/Strong’s #s

Psalm 138 (KJVS)

[1] «[A Psalm] of David H1732.» I will praise H3034 (8686) thee with my whole heart H3820: before the gods H430 will I sing praise H2167 (8762) unto thee.
[2] I will worship H7812 (8691) toward thy holy H6944 temple H1964, and praise H3034 (8686) thy name H8034 for thy lovingkindness H2617 and for thy truth H571: for thou hast magnified H1431 (8689) thy word H565 above all thy name H8034.
[3] In the day H3117 when I cried H7121 (8804) thou answeredst H6030 (8799) me, [and] strengthenedst H7292 (8686) me [with] strength H5797 in my soul H5315.
[4] All the kings H4428 of the earth H776 shall praise H3034 (8686) thee, O LORD H3068, when they hear H8085 (8804) the words H561 of thy mouth H6310.
[5] Yea, they shall sing H7891 (8799) in the ways H1870 of the LORD H3068: for great H1419 [is] the glory H3519 of the LORD H3068.
[6] Though the LORD H3068 [be] high H7311 (8802), yet hath he respect H7200 (8799) unto the lowly H8217: but the proud H1364 he knoweth H3045 (8799) afar off H4801.
[7] Though I walk H3212 (8799) in the midst H7130 of trouble H6869, thou wilt revive H2421 (8762) me: thou shalt stretch forth H7971 (8799) thine hand H3027 against the wrath H639 of mine enemies H341 (8802), and thy right hand H3225 shall save H3467 (8686) me.
[8] The LORD H3068 will perfect H1584 (8799) [that which] concerneth me: thy mercy H2617, O LORD H3068, [endureth] for ever H5769: forsake H7503 (8686) not the works H4639 of thine own hands H3027.

Young’s Literal Translation

Psalm 138 (YLT)

[1] I confess Thee, with all my heart, Before the gods I do praise Thee.
[2] I bow myself toward Thy holy temple, And I confess Thy name, For Thy kindness, and for Thy truth, For Thou hast made great Thy saying above all Thy name.
[3] In the day I called, when Thou dost answer me, Thou dost strengthen me in my soul with strength.
[4] O Jehovah, all kings of earth confess Thee, When they have heard the sayings of Thy mouth.
[5] And they sing in the ways of Jehovah, For great is the honour of Jehovah.
[6] For high is Jehovah, and the lowly He seeth, And the haughty from afar He knoweth.
[7] If I walk in the midst of distress Thou quickenest me, Against the anger of mine enemies Thou sendest forth Thy hand, And Thy right hand doth save me.
[8] Jehovah doth perfect for me, O Jehovah, Thy kindness is to the age, The works of Thy hands let not fall!